Push, Pull, or Prize: Get Personal with Your Marketing Automation & Win [Free Presentation]

Push, Pull, or Prize

@ Is the Bullseye of Internet Advertising

A select few of us at Drip are old enough to remember our Compuserve address. Compuserve (for the benefit of the young guns in the room) was the first major commercial provider of internet access. It had a good run in the ‘80s and ‘90s until a little start-up called AOL came along.

Compuserve was also one of the first ISPs to provide non-octal, personalized email addresses at scale, and the @ has been part of the internet advertising environment ever since.

But what started as a cool way to communicate with your people quickly turned into a tsunami of Nigerian prince-level shit. The term “spam” made its debut in the Oxford Dictionary way back in 1990, and by 2012 it was estimated that 78% of email was considered “spam.”

Yet, despite its dubious beginnings and reputation, email marketing has evolved, survived, and thrived. Why? The cost, convenience, and intimacy can’t be beat; the spammers, it turns out, can.

If you are reading this, you already know that hyper-targeted, personalized email marketing is more important than ever. But what about tomorrow? Will email continue to be the komodo dragon /  Superman of the internet advertising world?

Getting Personal Means Winning Big

Drip’s CMO Dustin Robertson remembers his Compuserve address. Beginning in 1995 when he helped launch Backcountry.com, through his tenure at Vegas.com, and now as CMO at Drip.com, Dustin has earned a reputation as an early adopter and master of ground-breaking internet marketing strategies.

In his keynote presentation for Au+oma+ed 2018, Dustin wanders down memory lane and back with a roundup of the best and worst of internet advertising tactics, from 1995 to present day and beyond.


You’ll discover that to be successful in today’s internet advertising landscape, you need to find the nexus between push advertising, pull advertising, and personalization. It’s what we call “Prize” and Dustin will show you how Drip’s ECRM platform helps you hit the sweet spot every time.

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