Ecomm Brand Stories = Marketing Magic ( and 4 Examples To Inspire Yours)

Every company has a story - new and old, big and small, scrappy and traditional; they all started somewhere with a dream, impact, and idea in mind.

Your brand story IS your marketing because it is unique and helps your customers understand why you are special. 

For DTC ecomm businesses, brand story is why buyers become brand evangelists that are the backbone of your business. That loyalty is increasingly important as consumers continue to crave and expect a deeper relationship with the brands they purchase from. 

What's more, when you know it and use it, your brand story will drive your larger marketing strategy by honing your voice, tone, content, and creative campaigns.

Ready to put your story front and center? These four brands have theirs woven into the heart of their marketing and are winning with customers as a result. 

A Story Worth Telling…


Allbirds captured the essence of their brand story in a single succinct yet powerful line: "...he [founder, Tim Brown] began asking himself why such a remarkable, sustainable resource was virtually absent in the footwear industry. And with that spirit of wonder, the Allbirds journey began." 

This line tells us why the company exists, what makes them different, and what they care about. In this case, we now know that Allbirds makes shoes with innovative, sustainable materials that were previously absent in the footwear industry. 

This messaging informs all their content and marketing, from product pages to social media, packaging to SMS sends. Keeping values and differentiators at the forefront of customer communications is seamless when a brand is clear on its why


Some companies disrupt a category by making simpler, more approachable, and less expensive products—case in point: Harry's

Harry's founders sit center-stage in their brand story because their motivation is relatable: shaving products for men sucked, and they wanted to make it better. The founders set out to improve the ever-present task of shaving with razor blades that delivered value without breaking the bank. 

What's more, their origin story has given them plenty of room to grow. While it began with razor blades, they now create a whole line of products for men while ALSO donating a portion of their sales to mental healthcare access for men. Their brand story drives product development and is rooted in deeper care for their customers. 


What's inspiring: Traveling. Seeing the world. Going to exotic places. Doing good. Ease. Simplicity. Beauty.

What's not: An old, beat-up suitcase with broken zippers, fabric stains, not enough storage space and a broken wheel, and a dead phone to boot. 

Away created a line of travel accessories to make travel feel the way we want it to - seamless, free, inspiring, and full of potential. As such, their brand story focuses on a concept: "We believe all travel makes us better." Ultimately, this conviction in the magic of travel takes them from luggage producer to inspiration company, with customers at the center. 

They want you to travel more and better, and they make products with "quite simply: everything you need away, and nothing you don't."

They nail the execution by letting this love of travel, and belief in its impact, be at the heart of their marketing. Their website and other channels share travel stories, and their product pages will get you thinking about your next adventure (and how you want to feel whilst on the road). 


Ritual creates a specialized line of vitamins and wellness products with efficacy and purity at the forefront. Founder Katerina Schneider "couldn't find a brand that I trusted, so I decided to build my own."

Ritual stands apart in an industry dominated by questionable claims and fuzzy sourcing because of its commitment to creating products backed by science with traceable ingredient origins and only the essentials for efficacy.

What makes Ritual such a powerful example of brand story marketing is that these core tenants are apparent (obvious? Emphasized? Highlighted? Yes to all.) throughout all of their customer-facing touchpoints. 

Ritual makes it easy for you to fact-check their claims, understand what and why you are consuming a product, and trace the origins of the formula. Created because of a lack of reasons to trust, they make it easy for customers to trust them. 

Your story, your magic. 

Now comes the fun part — penning your own brand story. Once you nailed that, use it to create a marketing plan, email strategy, and SMS campaign that will make your customers excited to open, click, and add to cart. 

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