Drip Tip #4: How to Use Custom Lead Scoring for On-the-spot Marketing Optimization

At Drip, we’re all about helping you see your customers in full-spectrum light. Lead Scoring is a point system that lets you identify how your customers are engaging with your products so that you can send targeted messages their way.

Drip Tip #4 gives you the inside scoop on how to create and use custom lead scores from within your workflows to automatically change your marketing on the spot. Got a red-hot lead who’s committed to clicking through all of your links? Reward them instantly with a VIP coupon.

Got a chartreuse-green middle-of-the-spectrum customer who isn’t quite as engaged? Send them a mid-level coupon. And what about that icy-blue humbug of a customer who doesn’t open any of your emails? We’ll leave that point score up to you.

Watch the video to see how Custom Lead Scoring can lead more customers to your checkout.