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Email Marketing January 25, 2023

7 New Year Email Examples (That Are Super Effective)

Ever since the ancient Babylonians started making New Year’s resolutions, the dawning of a new year has been a time of change and growth. Fast forward about 4,000 years and the tradition is alive and

Holiday Marketing January 18, 2023

5 New Year's Marketing Ideas That Work

January has traditionally been a tough time for retailers, with consumers tightening the purse strings after splashing out during the ecommerce holiday season. In fact, in 2021, January saw the

Email Segmentation January 11, 2023

7 Simple Email Segmentation Ideas (for DTC Brands)

Ever wonder why email segmentation is so effective? Let me demonstrate through the power of analogy. Imagine you’re running a brick-and-mortar hardware store employing two sales reps. The first

Email Marketing January 5, 2023

7 January Newsletter Ideas (and Why They Work)

After the mayhem of the golden quarter, January can seem like a long-overdue break for ecommerce marketers. That sense of relief lasts right up until you remember that you’ve still got targets to

Ecommerce January 3, 2023

10 Ecommerce Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2023

Ecommerce is a highly dynamic niche. The rules, people’s preferences, and buying patterns, and the tech is constantly changing. Staying up-to-date with these dynamic patterns is essential for your

Holiday Marketing December 15, 2022

7 Christmas Popup Examples That’ll Inspire Your Next Campaign

Everyone loves Christmas, right? Consuming your body weight in eggnog and roasted meats and vegetables; spoiling your friends and family (and yourself); spending valuable time with your nearest and

Ecommerce Platforms December 7, 2022

7 WooCommerce Email Examples That’ll Inspire Your Own

WooCommerce is the world’s biggest commerce platform, with a market share of almost 37 percent. Sure, we’re not talking Google levels of dominance, but it’s 2.5 times bigger than its nearest rival

Ecommerce Platforms December 1, 2022

7 Shopify Email Examples to Inspire Your Own

Shopify is one of the biggest names in ecommerce technology. Its platform powers millions of merchants in 175+ countries, including big hitters like Allbirds, Gymshark, and Netflix. To date, Shopify

Email Marketing November 24, 2022

9 Veterans Day Email Examples That Work

Veterans Day is a US federal holiday celebrated every November 11 to honor military veterans of the US Armed Forces. As such, it’s often mistaken for Memorial Day, which is actually a whole other

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