Your Website + Drip = The Perfect Match ❤️

A few months ago, I was in Las Vegas for a conference.

And as I was walking back to the hotel from dinner, I heard, "Hey! We have a special deal tonight for guys in blue shirts with their hands in their pockets."

(Can you guess what I was wearing and how I was walking?)

Now, I don't know if you've been to the Vegas Strip, but it's basically a gauntlet of calls-to-action. Everyone and everything is vying for your attention. And everything starts to bleed together after a while.

But I stopped. And I listened to this guy, who rightfully picked out my shirt color.

As petty and stupid as it was, being addressed directly made me stop and listen. In marketing speak, my engagement with this advertiser was through the roof.

The point of this story is to restate something that you and I already know: Personalized communication is the golden goose.

Let's look at how we can steal the playbook that the guy with highly personalized CTAs in Vegas was using, but in a way that makes sense for you...

...and your online marketing...

...and that scales infinitely.

With patience at a premium, the most successful online retailers are going to continue to be those who communicate the right message, to the right people, at exactly the right time.

Drip as an ECRM and Why This Matters to You

"Drip finally realizes the promise of marketing technology: more targeted and relevant marketing at scale that delivers increased engagement, conversion, and sales."

When Drip recently repositioned their platform to focus on being an ECRM, they were acknowledging the gap between email marketing and CRM — and publicly proclaimed that they were here to bridge that gap.

Ecommerce companies buy email marketing software to blast out promotions, newsletters, and more to their contacts and customers.

It's a bit like a firehose: Those on the receiving end all get the same message, no matter who they are, what they need, what they've bought, etc.

London-based shirt retailer Charles Tyrwhitt likes to send a lot of random emails at scale (hoping one will eventually stick and I'll buy).

Blast emails in inbox

Compare this approach to Turnbull & Asser another shirt company located right down the street from Charles Tyrwhitt.

They use customer relationship management software (CRM) to track all of their high-value customers (including Prince Charles). By getting to know their customers and storing their likes and dislikes, what kind of work they do, how often they travel, what sort of events they attend, and more, they're able to develop a profile of each and every one of their customers.

"Hello Mr. Smith, how have you been? How are the wife and kids? Are you enjoying the tab-collared shirt you bought from us last October? We just came out with this new sport coat that I think you'd be really interested in, can you come in this week?"

Tailored messaging like a tailored suit.

It's the difference between a one-to-many, shotgun-blast-like approach to sales and marketing and a highly precise, highly personal one-to-one sales conversation.

The problem, though, has been that there's been a bit of a dead zone between one-to-many email marketing and one-to-one CRM, and scaling that "personal touch" has been a huge challenge for many a marketer.

Until now. 😀

Drip is combining email marketing and CRM-at-scale by:

  • Making it easy to store and track tons of data about your leads and customers.

  • Integrating with third-party services and software, making it easy to enrich customer data on autopilot.

  • Giving you powerful segmentation and templating tools that let you send highly personal email communication. 

These features make it easy to have a central repository of contact and customer data, and send highly targeted, highly personalized automated emails at scale.

But what about your website?

What happens when you send someone a personalized email thats sends them to your rather impersonal website?

There's a new tool called RightMessage that gets your website in full synchronization with your Drip data.

The result?

Highly personalized landing pages, product descriptions, product reviews, and more that leads to higher engagement, more sales, and more repeat customers.

Three Ways to Supercharge Your Website with RightMessage and Drip

1) Learn about your audience, and store everything you learn in Drip

Who's visiting your website?

And what do they want from you?

With RightAsk by RightMessage, we make it super easy to progressively profile your website traffic.

In just a few minutes, you can start surveying your traffic and getting an idea of who's visiting your website and what they might want from you:

An example of a RightAsk question by RightMessage

And if the person answering is already in your Drip database, we'll immediately sync what we learn right up to Drip so you can tag or segment them accordingly:

How RightAsk sends customer info into Drip

But what if they're anonymous?

We'll remember what they answered and won't ever ask them to answer the same question again (even if they come back a week or two later).

And once that anonymous person does opt into your list, we'll then sync any data we've collected up to their new Drip contact record.

How to set up your RightMessage opt-in pop-up

Asking questions requires no code. Just use our editor to queue up your survey, and we'll take care of asking questions.

And by using Drip's workflow editor, it's easy to send automated campaigns based on answers to RightAsk questions:

A Drip workflow using RightMessage data

While we're busy enriching your Drip database, RightAsk will also give you a bird's-eye view of the data we're collecting:

A screenshot of the RightMessage data dashboard

2) Promote the right offer to the right person

Most websites are optimized for anonymous traffic.

Chances are good that you've received an email from a brand, clicked through over to their website, and...


Many ecommerce companies realize that new visitors aren't as likely to buy right away. So, they optimize to get people on their list, and a common way of doing that is to offer new visitors a coupon code in exchange for an email address.

But what happens when someone who's already on your list goes back to your website?

Or when a customer visits?

Or a VIP customer, like someone who's spent thousands of dollars with you, comes back?

RightBar by RightMessage is an easy way to promote an offer across your entire site that's based on where somebody is in their customer journey, from first-timer to loyal customer.

A screenshot of RightBar by RightMessage

By pulling from the data you already keep in your Drip account, we can show targeted offers that move people to the next stage of your sales funnel.

From within our segment editor, you're able to map out the journey that you want your customers, both current and future, to take:

Map out RightBar journey for customers

This means that no matter how many stages of your funnel there are, you can display offers across your entire website that mirror what someone needs next from you.

Easily add or delete a RightBar message

Let's face it: a returning customer is unlikely to engage with a "Join our newsletter!" call-to-action.

But by showing different offers that align with where someone is in your overall funnel, you're going to start seeing increased engagement. Why? Because you're promoting something that's actually relevant to the person viewing it!

Track increased engagement with RightMessage

3) Welcome back your contacts and customers — right on your website

What if you could take the data you're already collecting about your contacts and customers, like:

  • Names
  • Locations
  • Demographics/Firmographics
  • Needs
  • ...and more

And create an entirely customized experience for known visitors returning to your website?

What if you could greet Tim by name?

Greet a customer by name on your site using Drip and RightMessage

(Liquid templating right on your website!)

Or show featured products related to the answer to a RightAsk survey question? In this case, somebody selected that they're looking to improve their business wardrobe:

Show the most relevant products using RightMessage

Or what if you were able to slightly tweak how you introduce your latest collection based on how fashion savvy the visitor is?

Use dynamic messaging on your website

RightMessage includes powerful account-based marketing tools that allow you to change any content (headlines, copy, images, testimonials, calls-to-action, and more) on any website platform (WordPress, Leadpages, Shopify, Squarespace) with zero coding required.

Companies like Bite Squad use Drip and RightMessage to send fully personalized emails to their contacts. And when those contacts click through from an email to their website or a Leadpage, there's complete continuity across the entire campaign.

The same message and theme is carried over every touchpoint. 

You can read all about what Bite Squad is doing with Drip and RightMessage here.

In just minutes, you can point and click to change anything on your website and tie those changes to tag and custom field data.

And if you have Drip.js installed on your website, you won't need to set up or change a thing. We'll automatically know when one of your customers returns back to your website!

ECRM Is the Future. Are You Ready?

It's not uncommon to see double- or even triple-digits in results by making both your email campaigns and your website more relevant to individuals engaging with your brand.


Drip said it best in their overview on "What Is ECRM?"

"In both cases, efficiency is trumping intimacy. You win with intimacy. Your customers shop with you, specifically, because they seek a smarter, more tailor-made hands-on experience"

For years, this sort of intimacy-at-scale has been unavailable to the average online business owner.

Amazon has invested millions of dollars and tens of thousands of development hours into delivering highly-personalized automation and messaging at scale...

And now you can do the same.

If you're not sure about where to start, here's what we'd recommend:

  1. Start segmenting. Use trigger links in your emails, RightAsk on your website, or integrate 3rd party hosted forms and survey tools (via Zapier) with Drip.

  2. Use Drip as your "single source of truth." Purchase history, demographic/firmographic segmentation, on-site behavior... keep everything in Drip.

  3. Ditch one-size-fits-all. Now that you're automatically grouping your contacts into segments, come up with a few simple ways that you can start speaking a bit differently to them. Do your different segments see the world differently? Do they have different needs? Do they expect different examples and case studies?

  4. Tie it all together. Your emails link people back to your website. You don't want highly-personalized emails leading to generic sales pages. Using RightMessage, you can pull data from your Drip account onto your website, allowing you to deliver a more relevant experience to your contacts.