Your Brand Story IS Your Marketing, Here's How To Write It

In the age of ecomm, people want to feel something when they shop. Great marketers know that stories engage, entertain, and create connection. When customers purchase items feeling aligned with a brand's entire ethos, they turn into VIPs. 

Plus, starting a business is no small feat and you should sing your story from the rooftops. We’re here to help you write your brand story so your marketing messages touch hearts, inspire minds, and help your CLTV skyrocket.

What’s a brand story? 

A well-told story, like your favorite novels, sticks in the minds of readers and a brand story does the same. It makes a company feel personal and reminds customers that it took inspiration, courage, gumption, and heart to create the products they love. 

A brand story is a narrative that shares where your company began, what it’s all about, why it hopes to stick around, and the inspiration behind your mission, vision, and values. 

We’re pretty proud of our own brand story, which you can read here. TLDR: we’re here to help the ecomm rebellion because we know that businesses with heart make products worth buying and that customers deserve better.

Write your hero’s journey...

Every brand story is going to be different, that’s why they are so compelling and an inherently differentiating marketing element. So get into the fun details, it’s what will make your story pop. 

Here’s some guidance to get you started in writing your story, following this format will create structure, continuity, and flow so that your story can hit home with your customers.  

Prologue: Founder Story

What’s a brand story without characters? Customers love to know the people behind a brand, and your brand founders or founding team are a story all their own. 

Readers resonate with the characters in a story because they can imagine and empathize through that lens. Sharing about a founder helps make brand story personal because it all comes down to real people connecting with one another. Drip customer, Saint Jane Beauty, has founder Casey Georgeson’s story front and center on their site. Each founder's story brings a special perspective that is worth sharing. 

Act 1: The lightbulb moment.

Every company starts with the hope of filling a need and solving a problem for their customers. That initial moment of frustration and motivation is at the heart of every business. 

What experience prompted that lightbulb moment? Whether it was wanting a better product or wanting to change the world, this is where your story starts to build momentum. 

Act 2: Brand history.

However, a great idea doesn’t mean smooth sailing. The early days of your company likely included late-night brainstorms, seemingly insurmountable challenges, and inspiring breakthroughs. That in itself is a tale for the times and paints a picture of how the early days deepened your company's resolve and shaped your current outlook.

Act 3: Brand realization.

After surmounting initial challenges, your business realized its moment of truth with a product or offering that lived up to the point of inspiration. Whether you are still on your first iteration or are many updates and additional SKUs later, this is a moment to celebrate and the final act of your brand story. 

What’s more, it’s a great place to share some of the key elements of your product and the values that shaped its creation. Share why your product is such a satisfying answer to the initial problem, and why you hope it means as much to your customers whose lives you are hoping to improve.

Epilogue: Brand vision.

While the brand story is a tale of where you’ve come from, your brand vision is the story of where you are going. State your commitments as a company and to your customer, and how you hope to make an impact. Sharing your vision lets your customers know what to look forward to and invites them along for the ride.

Plus, everyone loves to say “I’ve been around since the beginning” especially when it’s a cool product (like yours). 

Tell the tale far and wide.

Now that you have your brand story, what do you do with it? Give it a home on your website, for one. When customers are curious about you, it’s an important asset that lets your customers go deep with you. 

But don’t stop there. Your brand story is a core differentiator that no one else can replicate. Because of that, it automatically helps you connect with customers in a unique way that will make you stand out from the competition. You can use it across all your platforms, here are a few examples to get your storytelling wheels turning: 


Send a campaign saying “Three years ago today we launched our first SKU. Its creation is still at the heart of our business, and we’re just as dedicated to the vision that started it all.” Extra credit (and conversions) if you include a promo on that OG’s product that your customers know and love.


Texting lends itself to messages that feel conversational and personal. So have fun adding in your brand story. Here’s an example: “Our founders gave up shampoo for a year so they could make the perfect one for you. Read more to learn about our ingredient deal-breakers and magic makers.” 


Visual storytelling reigns supreme on social, so use that to your advantage to stand out. Share a photo from the early days, it’s fun to see where a brand has come from: “Here’s a photo from our early days, a late night when we were working out the kinks with our partners in India! We’re lucky to have found them and are still working with them today.”

A little bit here, there, and everywhere. 

When you have a solid brand story, you can infuse it into all of your brand communications. Doing so gives you more meaningful, purposeful sends, captions, and copy. 

What’s more, a clear brand story helps you weave a narrative between channels that creates synchronicity and cohesion in all your messaging. That is at the heart of brand building, and how your customers will come to know, love, and be loyal to your brand. 

Ready to tell your story? The world needs to hear it and we want to help you share it. Talk with an expert and get started today.