10 Ecommerce Cart Abandonment Emails We Love

It’s late on a Tuesday evening. You’re tucked in bed, scrolling through your social feeds, and you see an ad on social media. (Go figure, right?) 

Clearly, the algorithms have figured out that you’re on a redecorating kick. You click through to the website to see if the item is within your price range, and has positive reviews. 

The item is affordable, and it has 4.5 stars. Good, but not suspiciously good. You click add to cart, and you’re about to check out... 

Ding! You receive a text. 

Swoosh. Three new emails in your inbox. 

Oh, remember that other thing you were going to buy? You should probably check your bank account before you do anything… 

Aaaand you fall asleep before you make it back to your cart. 

Unfortunately, for ecommerce merchants, this is a common occurrence. Your products get left behind in shoppers’ carts every day.

In fact, in 2019, 84% of shoppers abandoned a cart. Some people aren’t ready to buy, others run into roadblocks that prevent them from checking out, and some just get distracted. 

In this blog post, you’ll learn what, why, and how to recover abandoned carts (plus 10 ecommerce cart abandonment emails we love).  

What is an abandoned cart email? 

An abandoned cart email is a follow-up email sent to someone after they add an item to their cart, and make it past the checkout page without purchasing. 

These follow-up emails are typically automated and include the items left in the cart so people can easily go back and purchase them. 

Why you should capture abandoned carts 

We dug into our customer data and found that the average open rate for abandoned cart emails is 38%. That’s two times higher than the industry average for all emails. 

Meanwhie, the average click-through-rate (CTR) for ecommerce emails is 2.5%. When we looked at the CTR for our customers' abandoned cart emails, they saw a 22% click-through-rate. 

That's a 780% increase from the average CTR. 

Our customers saw an average purchase rate of 6% on their abandoned cart emails, also higher than the industry average ecommerce email conversion rate of 5%. 

The TLDR; Drip customers’ abandoned cart email engagement stats show that abandoned cart emails get higher engagement and lead to more purchases than other emails that you send. 

Are you ready to start capturing abandoned carts? Here are 10 cart abandonment emails from Drip customers that we love (and that convert!). 

Haute Hijab

Subject line: Salam! Did you need some help?

Preheader: It looks like you left some items behind in your cart. 

Put your products front and center in abandoned cart emails. Haute Hijab includes prominent calls-to-action (view and go to cart), to make getting back to your cart easy. 

We also love that the copy is friendly and helpful, noting that you can reply to the email with any questions.

Haute Hijab's cart abandonment email.


Subject line: You forgot your cart… 

Preheader: But your cart didn’t forget you!

Address potential roadblocks or questions in your abandoned cart email. 

Bamboobies includes a “Got Questions” section in the email, which provides a great way for you to get your questions answered before you even have to ask. 

Bamboobies cart abandonment email.

Baltic Born

Subject line: Checkout before your item sells out!

Preheader: Your cart items are ready for you!

Create a sense of urgency in your follow-up email. Fear of missing out (FOMO) is real, and Baltic Born drives urgency with their subject line and email copy by letting people know that their pieces have been selling out faster than ever.

Baltic Born cart abandonment email.


Subject line: You were eyeing these basics… 

Preheader: Here’s another look…

We love this abandoned cart email from Franc because it’s branded, and checks all of the best practice boxes:  

  • Products are front and center. 

  • Clear “back to my cart” CTA.

  • Drives urgency with a reminder that their basics have been selling out regularly. 

  • Addresses roadblocks and questions with a link to their FAQ.

Franc cart abandonment email.


Ross Street Roasting Co

Subject line: We saved your cart for you!

Preheader: Head back to it soon. 

Ross Street Roasting keeps it short and sweet. There’s nothing wrong with that!

Ross Street Roasting Co cart abandonment email.

Ippodo Tea

Subject line: Complete your Purchase 

Preheader: You left items in your cart

Ippodo Tea’s abandoned cart email is simple, effective, and mobile-friendly.

It's super important to optimize your abandoned cart email for mobile; 81% of emails are opened on mobile today.

Ippodo Tea's mobile cart abandonment email.

Dope Coffee

Subject line: We saved your cart for you!

Preheader: Head back to it soon. 

Use catchy copy. Your copy doesn’t need to be verbose to be eye-catching and play on the abandoned cart concept. Dope Coffee’s abandoned cart email does just that.

Dope Coffee cart abandonment email.

Outdoor Vitals

Subject line: Did you forget something? 

Preheader: By the looks of things, you were about to make a purchase... 

Build a well-crafted subject line and preheader. Simple is better in the email and in your subject line + preheader. Outdoor Vitals keeps it simple by asking if you forgot something, not too pushy or demanding. 

Outdoor Vitals cart abandonment email.

The Spice House

Subject line: Your Fresh Spices are Waiting. Save 10% now!

Preheader: Fresh spices shipped straight to your door. 

There’s a lot to love about The Spice House’s abandoned cart email (besides the fresh spices). 

The eye-catching gif. 

The number to call with any questions. 

The offer (for first-timers only). 

The urgency-driving subject line and preheader. 


The Spice House cart abandonment email.


Subject line: We want you back!

Preheader: Our ingredients need you!

TheSoapery has two emails in their abandoned cart series; one “we want you back!” and the second “why did you leave us?”. We love the playful subject line and preheader, and the catchy email copy. 

TheSoapery cart abandonment email.