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Marketing Automation October 25, 2023

21 Cart Abandonment Statistics To Help Build Your 2023 Strategy

Shopping cart abandonment is the eternal nemesis of ecommerce store owners. I can say from experience that it’s incredibly frustrating to successfully move a shopper through the sales funnel and

Email Marketing October 23, 2023

10 Excellent HubSpot Alternatives That'll Electrify Your Email Program

Partsales hub, part marketing automation platform, and part CRM software, HubSpot is a decidedly heavyweight tool. Few platforms can go toe-to-toe with it on features. But HubSpot’s greatest

Email Marketing October 18, 2023

The 10 Best ConvertKit Alternatives for a Killer Email Marketing Strategy

ConvertKit isn’t your average email marketing platform. It caters to a specific niche: content creators who want to reach, engage, and build their audiences through email newsletters. So if you’re a

CRO October 16, 2023

29 Persuasive Power Words That Sell (With Real Life Examples)

In a world where AI tools can spit out an essay on any subject in mere seconds, it’s easy to overlook the value of individual words. Yet the fact remains: power words sell. With the right messaging,

Ecommerce Marketing October 9, 2023

The Complete Guide to SMS Short Codes: Best Practices, Tips, and Alternatives

An SMS short code is a five- or six-digit number used in SMS and MMS marketing. Marketers often use them for data capture: customers are encouraged to opt-in for SMS marketing by texting a keyword to

Onsite October 4, 2023

9 Eerie-sistible Halloween Popup Examples to Make You Scream

For ecommerce brands, the best way to avoid a fright this October 31st is to nail your Halloween campaigns. Spooky season is one of the year’s biggest shopping occasions, with the National Retail

Ecommerce Marketing October 2, 2023

8 Types of Buyer Motivation (And How to Segment on Them)

Without a crystal ball, it can be difficult to know what drives customers to make a purchase. This is increasingly complex given that the customer journey is now twistier and turnier than an episode

Email Marketing September 27, 2023

10 Fantastic Omnisend Alternatives to Get Next-Level Email Campaigns

With 87 percent of B2C marketers using automation as part of their email marketing strategies, there’s no lack of demand for ecommerce-focused automation platforms. Omnisend is just such a platform,

Email Marketing September 25, 2023

How to Achieve a Great Email Sender Reputation – Tips, Tools, and More

In a digital realm full of overflowing inboxes and fleeting attention spans, the fate of your emails hangs in the balance. With a single click, emails travel toward your audience’s inbox, navigating

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