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9 Email Subject Line Best Practices For High Open Rates (+ Examples)

Attracting the reader's attention starts with an email subject line, but crafting a great one is no easy feat. Thus, it's important to perfect this small but powerful element of an email that can


7 Common Ecommerce Mistakes (We Shouldn’t Be Seeing in 2023)

Running an ecommerce business is far from easy.  The razor-thin net margins as low as 0.64% in the ecommerce game force you to have a large customer base — which means you need lots of traffic — to


Omnichannel vs. Multichannel: Which Is Better for Ecommerce?

It’s getting more expensive to convert new customers than ever before.  On top of that, the marketing channels you’ve been using for years aren’t producing the same returns.  Which means less money

Email Marketing

The 10 Best Mailchimp Alternatives (When You Need More for Ecommerce)

Mailchimp is one of the most popular automation and email marketing platforms. And with research revealing that 54 percent of employees believe they could save 240 hours annually through automation,

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7 of the Best Demographic Segmentation Examples We've Ever Seen

Any marketer worth their salt knows that the key to creating persuasive messaging lies in personalization. And you can’t do personalization without segmentation. To a greater or lesser extent,

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7 Awesome April Newsletter Ideas (You Didn't Know You Needed)

Some months it can seem tough to come up with newsletter ideas. Fortunately, April isn’t one of those months. With a calendar that includes April Fool’s Day, Easter, and tax return season, there’s no

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10 Klaviyo Alternatives (That Are Worth Switching To)

Ecommerce marketers are busy. From promoting product launches to launching flash sales to generating ecommerce leads, it often feels there just aren’t enough hours to fit everything in. And let’s not


Why Ecommerce Sellers Need a Customer-First Strategy for Sustainable Growth in 2023

It’s a hard time to be in ecommerce right now.  The promotions and marketing initiatives that used to work just aren’t bringing in the same return anymore.  Things have changed.  Massive pandemic


Every Ecommerce Holiday You Should Prepare for in 2023

You’re probably facing a lot of competition in your niche.  It’s fierce out there.  For online sellers, this means one thing: you’ve got to find a way to outdo the competition to maintain your

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7 of the Best April Fools Email Examples We’ve Ever Seen

April Fools' Day brings a welcome chance for ecommerce stores and their customers to have some good-natured fun. It turns out that customers actually prefer humor in marketing. Oracle's recent