See What’s New for You and Your Customers: Drip Product Updates Roundup

In everything we do at Drip, we’re thinking about how it helps the people browsing, shopping, and buying from you day in and day out. We’re only quarter-deep into 2019, but it’s already shaping up to be the Year of the People.

Everything that’s popped out of our brains and into the product has been about making life better for folks who shop all over the web. And with new opportunities to reach, engage, and understand your customers with Drip ECRM, selling more online is becoming easier while shopping online is becoming a bit more pleasant these days.

Take a peep at how Drip has been making an impact with people in 2019 through each and every one of this year’s newest features.

Before we begin, a quick roundup of all our biggest updates:

  • Subscribers became people (finally!)

  • Engage with all people outside the inbox

  • Get more revenue insight with dashboards

  • Personalize deeper with the Shopper Activity API

  • Make an impact with personalized content

  • Test entire experiences with Split Testing

Subscribers Became People: A Little Word with Big Meaning

Our first move in 2019 was a small change with big meaning: “Subscribers” turned into “People.”

This change was our firm declaration of who we’re helping, who you’re helping, and where the ecommerce industry should head.

First, we wanted to shift how online brands think about their shoppers. The increasing majority of online consumers are after personalized, relevant, human-to-human connections when shopping. But if online stores keep going the way they’ve been going—cold, irrelevant batch-and-blast marketing to subscribers—there’s no way the shoppers’ needs would ever be met. Swapping “People” in for “Subscribers” is a way to change how we think and close this disparity.

Secondly, subscribers are folks who’ve signed up to receive emails. And while Drip started life as an email collection widget, the platform today is much more than just email. Drip is an ecommerce CRM bent on bringing online brands closer to every customer across all your marketing channels, not just email.

Engage with ALL People (Not Just Subscribers) Beyond the Inbox

As an ECRM, Drip is focused on helping you know and engage with all your customers, not just those who are opted-in to your marketing email. The truth is that some people just aren’t that into email, and that’s OK! Whatever their reason for not being a subscriber, you now have the opportunity to reach your customers beyond the inbox.

So, if customer Joe (some very fictional character) unsubscribes from your marketing emails, you can still trigger automated workflows that reach and engage him in other ways so your brand can continue to build a relationship with him wherever he’s spending his time.

With Drip, you can engage with all of your customers through:

  • Hyper-personalized transactional emails

  • Multichannel Workflows

  • Social media retargeting (Facebook and Instagram)

  • Third-party integrations like SMS and direct mail for all people

Big-data Dashboards Shows Where and How You’re Raking in Revenue

Before these dashboards, Drip users were able to see the must-have metrics for their emails—opens, clicks, and unsubscribes. But when you’re in the world of ecommerce, you want to know how much everything you do is contributing to your bottom line.

Which is exactly why we cooked up these revenue dashboards so you have more full-color insight than ever over what’s driving business.

Dig into how your customers are engaging with your brand and how you’re moving the needle for your business. You’ll now see everything from email engagement to average order value for each of your Drip marketing activities, courtesy of our new Account, Broadcast, Campaign and Workflow Dashboards.

Workflow revenue dashboard screenshot in Drip.


(Psst, revenue data will populate only if you’re reporting revenue in Drip through the Shopify integration or the Shopper Activity API, so don’t forget to hook those up.)

As you can see, 2019 has been busy so far — we rolled out new ways to reach, engage with, AND understand your customers. But we didn’t forget the importance of continually tweaking and optimizing your ecommerce strategies, so we rolled out Split Testing for Workflows.

Shopper Activity API: The Next-gen Orders API

Any ecommerce platform can hook up to Drip using our new Shopper Activity API. This API opens up big-money opportunities for our non-Shopify customers and makes it possible to easily segment, automate, and email based on shopper activity in their store.

The new Shopper Activity API allows ecommerce brands to:

  • Add product details and images to cart abandonment emails

  • Segment people based on items ordered

  • Sync historical order data

  • View the commerce dashboards with automatic revenue reporting

  • Trigger automations based on items ordered

  • Automatically attribute revenue to their Drip marketing activities

Personalized Content Makes Every Ecommerce Email Mean More

Personalized content is a big piece to the differentiation puzzle, and it’s key to delivering the most relevant messages to each of your customers. With easy-to-tailor content, it takes just seconds to make every email personal to each person you send it to.

As of right now, your email copy is able to automatically update for each customer and show them:

  • Top-selling Products: Reaching out to a newcomer? This dynamic content is an awesome option for any welcome email or campaign. This options shows shoppers your current top-selling products in your store, which gives them an idea of what’s hot while familiarizing them with your brand and products. (Note: This is only available to Shopify users right now.)

  • Dynamic Discounts: Coupons are good stuff for consumers and can drive steep spikes in conversions for brands. But while discounting is a powerful tool, it runs the risk of being abused by folks who use your same generic SAVEME10 code over and over again.

    Dynamic Discounts solves this. When this content is dropped in an email, a unique code will be generated for everyone who gets it. With every person having their own unique code, online brands can start running their promos again without fearing the whole world double-dipping on a good thing. (Note: This is only available to Shopify users right now.)

  • Product Recommendations: This copy shows people products based on their unique order history, and when you consider that 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that provide relevant offers and recommendations, Product Recommendations is a no-brainer. Show shoppers more of your goods, encourage second and third purchases, and boost brand loyalty with content like this. (Note: This is only available to Shopify users right now.)

  • Price-drop Notifications: For folks using Shopify or the Shopper Activity API, this is the ultimate feature for enticing shoppers to come back to their abandoned carts and make a purchase. When you add a Price-drop Notification to a cart abandonment workflow (or install one of the pre-made Product Price Drop Shareable Workflows), shoppers will be sent a message when something in their cart has gone down in price (and drive more folks right to the checkout).

Split Testing Reimagined: Test Entire Ecommerce Experiences in Workflows

You may have heard some hype around one of our heaviest-hitting feature updates this year: split testing. You might be thinking that split testing is old news, plus, Drip’s already had the capability to split test email campaigns for a while now.

But this is release is absolutely split testing reimagined. You can now test multiple strategies in a single workflow to see which experiences drive the most revenue, highest average order value, most conversions or total site visits.  

It’s a billion steps beyond just testing subject lines and you’ll never have to guess what’s working—and what’s not—again. Always know exactly which path has the biggest impact to your business, and keep optimizing along the way.

2019 Is off to the Races (and There’s No End in Sight)

While the first half of 2019 has been pretty rock-solid, we have even more updates coming your way soon. You and your customers are always at the top of our mind, and our goal is to get your store being an incomparable experience in relation to every other shop on the web.

Because once your customers get hooked on a great experience tailored to them, they’ll never even look anywhere else.


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