Drip + SamCart: How to Handle Seamless Customer Communications & Upsells from Checkout to Inbox

When your customers buy anything online, they probably expect to see an email within a few minutes, confirming their purchase. But that’s just the beginning of the possibilities when you can tie your email marketing to your checkout process.

With SamCart and Drip, you can boost initial revenue from new customers and continue engaging them to build an even stronger relationship (and more value) over time.

SamCart is checkout page software that is designed around optimizing the checkout process to boost average customer value at every step. SamCart’s checkout are pages built to optimize conversions. Plus, with SamCart, you can use 1-click upsells to increase customer value even further.

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What’s Cool About SamCart

SamCart was built to take the standard checkout page to the next level. Here are a couple of the ways they do it:

Easy-to-Edit Templates for Beautiful Checkout Pages

Checkout pages can quickly feel cluttered as you start to add form fields and product details. Fortunately, every SamCart checkout page starts with a choice of 15+ elegant templates that come pre-loaded with the basic elements you need to sell.

From there, you can add your content, branding, and conversion-boosting elements like guarantees and testimonials. Each element of a SamCart page is designed to reduce shopping cart abandonment in a clean and beautiful way.

SamCart’s own checkout page highlights the conversion-boosting elements and clean design the SamCart team recommends.

Offer Flexible Payments

With multiple payment options, you can help customers find a plan that works for them. Use this feature to offer a full-price option and a payment plan option for the same product. Or, you can offer different versions of the same product: a basic option and a premium option, for different prices. Flexibility like this helps to convert more customers by offering payment options that work for them.

Increase Average Customer Value

With on-page order bumps, you can sell more products to every customer when they’re already pulling out their credit card. Don’t want to add another product to that page? SamCart’s 1-click upsells make it easy to boost customer value when they’ve already committed to making a purchase.

3 Ways to Use Drip + SamCart to Welcome, Upsell and Retain New Customers

When you acquire a new customer in SamCart, you’re just getting started with the possibilities. By integrating your SamCart and Drip accounts, you can tag new customers, follow up with them, and change their communications when they ask for a refund. Here are a couple ways to use SamCart and Drip together to automate the new customer journey:

1. Tag New Customers from SamCart and Send Welcome Campaigns

Sending different communications to customers and noncustomers is one of the first automations you’ll want to create. With Drip’s SamCart integration, you can automatically tag new customers when they make a purchase.

In this workflow, triggered by a purchase in SamCart, I apply a tag to new customers, send an immediate thank you email, and add the customer to my welcome campaign.

Once the customer tag is automatically applied to new customers, you can segment your list and send emails to only non-customers (or to only customers).

If you want to send the same email to leads and customers but want to hide the promotional content from existing customers, you can even change the content in your email based on the customer tag.

In this example, I used Liquid code to ensure that only non-customers will see the call-to-action to purchase my ebook.

2. Create Cross-Selling Campaigns

The SamCart integration with Drip doesn’t just allow you to tag all customers, though—you can also tag customers based on which product they purchased. With these tags, you can target communications at customers who bought a certain product.

By identifying customers who have bought one product but not another, you can create automated cross-selling campaigns to increase average customer value. First, set up rules to tag new customers from SamCart with the name of the product they purchased.

First, I create a workflow that is triggered by a purchase of the ebook in SamCart. I use a delay to avoid selling to customers during my onboarding or welcome sequence. Then, I use a decision to check whether new ebook customers are also tagged as video course customers. If they aren’t, I send a special deal to encourage customers to check out my other product.

Using a simple workflow like this, you can increase your average customer value automatically.

3. Use Goals to Remove Customers from Workflows When They Purchase or Refund

You can use a purchase or refund in SamCart to trigger a workflow or remove someone from a workflow.

Why would you want to remove someone from a workflow?

Well, if a lead makes a purchase, you probably don’t want to send them promotional emails anymore. With Drip, you can automatically remove leads from your sales workflow when they make a purchase in SamCart.

Just create a goal of “Made a purchase” in your sales workflow, and you can automatically keep new customers from getting the promotional messages they already took advantage of.

Similarly, you can create a goal that will automatically remove any customers who ask for a refund in SamCart from your customer workflow.

In this example, I automatically remove customers who receive a refund in SamCart from my customer workflow. Before they exit the workflow, though, I apply a Refunded tag and remove the Customer tag. This will help me keep my tags accurate and keep track of refunds.

Connect Drip + SamCart to Start Selling, Upselling & Retaining More Customers

Ready to start building automations based on purchases and refunds in SamCart? Integrating Drip with SamCart is easy.

When you’re logged into Drip, go to your integrations page and select SamCart. You’ll be given a Notification URL.

Copy that entire URL and paste it into the Advanced section of the SamCart product you want to connect to Drip.

When you go to create an automation rule, select SamCart to trigger the action, and you can select either “made a purchase” or “received a refund.”

Now you’re set up to use SamCart to trigger automations in Drip that help you seamlessly communicate with and upsell your newest customers.

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Still have questions about how to use Drip and SamCart together? Leave any questions you have in the comments and the team and I will jump in to help!