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Marketing Automation January 12, 2017

Delight Your List with These 3 Types of Customer Appreciation Emails

It’s easy to forget when you’re wading through an inbox filled with ads, newsletters, and mass updates. But email can actually be an incredibly personal medium. At its best, opening your inbox is a

Marketing Automation September 16, 2016

How to Build an Email Course That Creates Ultra-Engaged Customers

It seems like everywhere I turn right now, I’m being asked to join a new email mini-course. Not that I mind. I’ve signed up for a few. Receiving easy-to-consume lessons over the course of a week or

Marketing Automation April 21, 2016

Reaching Out: A Guide to Getting Influencers to Promote Your Digital Product

The online world has hit a sweet spot for entrepreneurs who create valuable information products. We are experiencing a digital renaissance of sorts. The tools you need to create, sell, and

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