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Popup Copywriting 101: 9 Little-Known Ways to Turn Traffic Into Sales

  If there’s one thing I hate, it’s ugly, intrusive popups. But if there’s anything I hate more, it’s ugly intrusive popups that ignore copywriting best practices. I’ve seen more than my fair share

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We Looked at 1,297 Slide-In Popups. Here Are the Best of the Bunch

  “Popups are @#$%ing annoying!” How often have you read, or thought that, after visiting a website and seeing an intrusive interstitial? I know I have. And as someone that strongly advocates using


Use These 9 Types of Black Friday Emails to Drive More Sales in 2023

  Covid-19 has changed how online retailers profit from Black Friday. Gone are the days of queuing outside storefronts in the cold. In 2023, the majority of Black Friday transactions will take place

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Popups Are Dead. Wrong. Here’s What We Found from Analyzing 1+ Billion Popups (Original Research)

  If you’re an online retailer, you’re likely using email popups to grow your email list and recommend popular products. But what you might not know is how to optimize those popups for maximum

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We Looked at 2,347 Popup Teasers. Here Are 7 of Our Favorite

  When most marketers think about popups, they think about, well, popups. They think about the form, with a headline, body copy, an input field, and a call-to-action. But there’s more to a popup than

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The Only 7 Popups You Need to Drive More Leads and Sales

Forget everything you think you know about website popups. In this article, I'll share the seven types of popups you need to know or at least be familiar with. Not all will be relevant to your


The Only Competitor Analysis Framework You’ll Ever Need (A Step-by-Step Guide)

  Digital marketing has changed everything. Years ago, it would have been nearly impossible to know a competitor’s marketing strategy without gaining insider information or posing as an employee.

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Popup Optimization: 7 Best Practices That’ll Boost Your Conversions

  There are a lot of conversion rate optimization (CRO) tips online. And while most touch on copywriting best practices and checkout optimization tips, few, if any, address website popups. That

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We Looked at 19,374 E-Commerce Newsletters. Here Are 7 of Our Favorite

  If you’re anything like me, you’re continually scavenging for new and exciting newsletters to learn from and model. There are a lot out there, but e-commerce newsletters have much to offer by way

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Marketing Statistics: The Only Guide You'll Ever Need

If you’re looking for the latest marketing statistics and trends, you’re in the right place.  From cart abandonment to e-commerce marketing, I’ve covered everything you need to know to better inform