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Email Marketing January 30, 2024

9 of the Best Spring Email Examples We’ve Ever Seen

Spring is my absolute favorite season. Colors begin coming back to our lives; the sun starts feeling warmer. There’s simply more joy in the air. For many consumers, spring is also a time to declutter

Email Marketing January 9, 2024

9 of the Best Valentine’s Day Email Examples We’ve Seen

Ah, Valentine’s Day… The day of love. Or, more accurately, the day of gifting your partner, your BFF, your dog, or yourself. According to The National Retail Federation, the average American consumer

Holiday Marketing January 5, 2024

11 Valentine’s Day Marketing Strategies You Can Try Today

Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest commercial opportunities for marketers. With spending expected to reach $22 billion this year in the US alone, you need to leverage this romantic ecommerce

Marketing Automation November 10, 2023

10 of the Best Order Confirmation Emails to Inspire Your Own

There’s one type of marketing email your subscribers want and expect to see in their inboxes as soon as possible. It’s not an abandoned cart email or a back-in-stock email. It’s an order confirmation

Email Marketing November 3, 2023

7 of the Best Thanksgiving Email Examples You Can Copy

For most ecommerce marketers, November means one and one thing only: Black Friday. And for good reason. While ecommerce holiday spending has exceeded $790 billion in the US alone, Black Friday

Email Subject Lines October 13, 2023

86 of the Best Black Friday Subject Lines We’ve Seen

Black Friday is a busy time, not only for us marketers but also for consumers, having to sift through the many promotional emails in their inboxes. In this immense virtual competition, especially

Holiday Marketing September 22, 2023

9 Little-Known Black Friday Marketing Strategies (That Work Like a Charm)

The busiest shopping day of the year is around the corner. According to the National Retail Federation, ecommerce holiday spending in last November and December exceeded $789 billion in the US only.

Email Marketing September 1, 2023

9 of the Best Fall Email Examples We’ve Ever Seen

With Halloween, Cyber Week, and pre-holiday gift shopping, fall means a high-revenue season (and a hectic few months) for e-commerce marketers. While marketers have a lot to work with in fall, they

Marketing Automation August 23, 2023

7 of the Best Welcome Emails We’ve Seen (And Why They Work)

First impressions matter in marketing—just as they do in real life. Your welcome emails are the perfect opportunity to leave a great first impression on new email subscribers. One that signals the

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