The 7 Best Ecommerce Products To Sell Online in 2024

When searching for the best ecommerce products to sell online, you may be overwhelmed by the plethora of choices.

The internet is full of products; the problem is not a lack of them.

The challenge is knowing which products are the most profitable and in demand to sell.

There is no one secret formula for finding a successful product, but there are things you can definitely do to narrow down the choices.

Things like analyzing trends, researching competitors, and understanding customer needs are all things that can help you find a product that has the potential to be successful.

To help you, we’ve done the research and pulled out some of the best ecommerce products to sell online right now. Each section includes products to sell, reasons why they work, and actual data and examples.




Let's discuss things in more detail. Throughout each section, we examine different products related to it that are worth selling.

1. Personal Care Products

Personal care is the fourth biggest ecommerce category in the world and includes anything from personal skincare, haircare, and cosmetics to gift sets.

It's a niche filled with products that can solve huge problems for consumers, and that's why it's so popular.

Personal care products include:

  • Personalized skin and hair care products
  • Natural and organic body care products
  • Gift sets for men and women
  • Men's grooming products

Why Sell Personal Care Products?

As the previous statistic showed, personal care is one of the biggest categories to tap into, which proves that it has a market demand.

The potential shelf life is big for personal care products. People buy personal care items like body wash, shampoo, and conditioner all the time. And if they find something that works, they might quickly become loyal brand advocates.

The possibility of personalization is also worth noting. Every individual has different needs, and you can capitalize on that by offering personal care products designed for each individual.

Prose is showing a good example of this by offering fully customized hair care products for their customers:

Prose Best Ecommerce ProductsProse solves one of the biggest challenges of personal care products with their custom hair packages: having the right product for every individual. That's what makes personal care products so attractive to sell. If you can solve the "every individual has their own needs" problem, you can tap into a massive market.

If you're a fan of influencer marketing, personal care products are one of the best product groups to work with. You can find plenty of influencers on platforms like Instagram and TikTok to advertise your products.

2. Pet Accessories

Pet owners are willing to spend money on their furry friends, especially when it's something that could have a positive effect on them.

It's one of those product groups people aren't constantly looking for, but if a pet owner sees something useful, like a product to help with a pet's boredom, they might consider buying it.

Pet accessory products include:

  • Anxiety relief and interactive pet toys
  • Dog and cat harnesses (with the possibility to add a custom name have been a big trend in past years)
  • Pet beds and furniture
  • Pet seat covers
  • Pet drinking bowls

Why Sell Pet Products?

Pet products are ever-green. It doesn’t matter the season; if you offer products that the consumer sees value in, you can make money.

The search term "pet toys" peaks every Christmas season, but the trend stays quite high the whole year:

Pet Toys Best Ecommerce ProductsSource

Meaning if you have a pet product that solves a problem that pet owners care about, you don’t need to wait for a special season or holiday to sell. You can make money all year long.

Pet products are also an excellent product group for long-lasting brands. You could expand many of the products we listed, which would give you a possible edge over customers.

For example, if you sell dog beds, you could narrow it down into different kinds of dog beds, like K9 Ballistics is doing here:

K9 Ballistics Best Ecommerce ProductsAnd after this, you could upsell products like pet toys, harnesses, pet food, and drinking bowls.

You have unlimited expansion possibilities; that's why I like pet products.

If you plan advertising on social media, pet owners are one of the most accessible audiences to target, as platforms like Facebook and Instagram have good targeting options for them.

3. Pain-Relief Products

No one really wants to experience pain, but sometimes it's an unavoidable part of life. That's why many people turn to pain relief products as a way to reduce their problems.

Whether it's athletes looking to recover from physical activities, office workers looking for relief from their back pain, or older people dealing with arthritis, there is a market for pain-relief tools.

Pain-relief products include:

  • Back posture correctors and cushions
  • Massage guns
  • Neck massagers
  • Posture correcting mattresses and pillows

Why Sell Pain-Relief Products?

To break down, why pain-relief products sell well:

  • They solve big problems, such as chronic pain, muscle pain, and joint pain. This creates a big value proposition for pain relief products.
  • Trending no matter the time. Humans will always have some form of pain, so there will always be a market for these products.
  • Large and diverse audience. You can target athletes looking to speed up recovery time, frequent travelers who tend to suffer from neck and back pain, or the aging population who are more prone to aches and pains, and more.

For these same reasons, some of the highest-selling products in the ecommerce space have been pain-relief products, such as the massage gun. It has been a big trend in the past years:

Massage gun Best Ecommerce ProductsMassage guns only started trending after 2019, which proves that you can still find or innovate new products in the pain-relief niche.

To summarize why pain-relief products work, they combine all characteristics that make a great product: they solve a big problem, have huge market potential, and appeal to a large audience.

This is why it's an excellent product group to tap into.

4. Sustainable Wearables

Sustainable products are becoming increasingly trending as consumers connect the dots between their purchases and their own impact on the environment.

The growing popularity of sustainable, eco-friendly products has largely been driven by younger generations, with three in four Gen-Zers saying sustainability is more important than brand name when they make purchases.

Sustainable wearable products include:

  • Sustainable clothing
  • Environmentally responsible beauty products
  • Reusable water bottles, coffee cups, and straws
  • Bracelets and jewelry that raise awareness about sustainability (such as 4Ocean)

Why Sell Sustainable Wearables?

Consumers are paying more attention and interest in sustainability.

Searches for terms like "sustainable products" are at an all-time high:


Sustainable Products Best Ecommerce ProductsIt’s not enough to just sell products anymore; consumers are expecting more and more transparency, which is why sustainability-focused products are doing well.

When you're selling sustainable products, you can easily combine them with a bigger mission, which is what many sustainable-focused brands do by creating purpose-driven stories.

For example, this is what Patagonia does with its "1% for the Planet" campaign:

Patagonia Best Ecommerce ProductsThis is the reason why I recommend sustainable wearables as a product to sell, they can be easily combined with a bigger mission, which has a positive impact both for your brand and the world. 

Sure, you could do this with just a basic product that might not be sustainable and eco-friendly, but if you're not yourself acting the way your mission states, your customers will quickly catch on and lose their trust.

Another example, 4Ocean, sells ocean-themed bracelets with a mission to protect oceans. They promise to pull a pound of plastic for every product sold, and they make it clear on their website:

4Ocean Best Ecommerce ProductsConsumers are more and more interested in sustainable products, and many brands that sell them are thriving.

5. Garden And Outdoor Accessories

Many people take a huge amount of pride in their gardens and outdoor spces. And there is nothing wrong with that.

At the same time, it's an opportunity for sellers to tap into a market of passionate buyers.

Garden and outdoor accessory products include:

  • Garden furniture
  • Garden tools like garden hoses
  • Outdoor lighting fixtures
  • Solar-powered decorations

Why Sell Garden Products?

The garden and outdoor space are brimming with trend opportunities. If you're looking to create a niche store where you sell multiple different products, it's a good niche to hop in.

Why do I think that?

Garden and outdoor products tend to have trends that peak during certain times of the year.

This means you have to advertise different kinds of products at other times of the year, which is something you can do with a niche store.

For example, garden hoses peak every summer:

Garden Hose Best Ecommerce ProductsThat makes sense. People buy garden hoses during summer, but who would need a garden hose during wintertime? For the same reason, it doesn't make sense to sell it during that time.

So you have to figure out something else to sell during winter.

That could be outdoor lights, for example:

Outdoor Lights Best Ecommerce ProductsIf you're good at analyzing trends, you can create a garden and outdoor niche store that sells multiple products based on what season is.

It might simply not be enough to have one good product when you're selling in the garden and outdoor niche.

6. Home Comfort Products

People want to feel comfortable at home and create a cozy atmosphere. That’s why products that can improve the comfort level of a home sell well.

Home comfort products offer a sense of ease rather than solve significant problems. So when you’re advertising them, you should treat them the same way, emphasizing the convenience and feeling that it brings to the buyer.

Home comfort products include:

  • Wearable soft hoodies
  • Sleep tees and trousers
  • Blankets, throws, and pillows
  • Home fragrance products (such as essential oils, candles and diffusers)

Why Sell Home Comfort Products?

Especially when autumn comes, people look for products that can add some warmth to their homes.

Searches for terms like “warm blanket” hit an all-time high in those cold autumn and winter months:

Warm Blanket Best Ecommerce ProductsThis provides you with an opportunity to tap into a market of buyers who are looking to feel warmer.

Whether it’s with warm sleep tees, hoodies, or blankets, they all sell well during this time of the year. 

7. Travel Items

If you're a traveler yourself, you know that any product that can save you from hassle, discomfort, and inconvenience while on the road is appreciated.

Travel item products include:

  • Lightweight suitcases and backpacks
  • Compression bags and space-saving organizers
  • Travel pillows, blankets, and other comfort items

Why Sell Travel Items?

Traveling is one of the most passionate niches out there, meaning people are willing to invest if they can make their journeys more enjoyable.

It's one of those product groups where you have the ability to solve major problems. For example, if you sell space-saving organizers, your customers can make their luggage fit more items.

I would have multiple examples of travel-related product ads going viral on Facebook, but here is one featuring the space-saving organizer:

Nalai _ Co Best Ecommerce ProductsThis just proves the possibility that convenient travel products have. 

If you can combine a travel product that solves problems with the right audience, it can be a great combination.


Finding the right product is the first step

Finding the best ecommerce products to sell is the first step in creating a successful store, but that doesn't guarantee your success yet.

You can have the best product in the world, but if everything else sucks, things won't magically work. Especially when starting, your profit margins might be thick, meaning you have to optimize everything to make things work.

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