Introducing Visual Workflows

Craft your entire user journey in a gorgeous, visual workflow.
Now available in every Drip account.

Campaign Builder Graphic

Meticulously designed to always look amazing

Workflows manage their own appearance — including step and path placement — so you don't have to. This eliminates the potential for creating ugly, confusing, and disorganized diagrams. Our simple interface is free of error-prone drag-and-drop operations, which drastically reduces your learning curve.

Incredibly powerful workflow goals

Only one other visual builder on the market today includes the concept of goals that can interrupt a subscriber's progress and leapfrog them forward in a workflow. They are deceptively powerful, and of course, a first-class citizen with us

Workflow Goals Graphic
Workflows Graphic

Designed to be read by humans

Your logic and configuration are not hidden behind confusing icons that require multiple clicks to figure out what's happening. Each step includes all the information you need to understand it, at-a-glance.

Six types of steps to build your workflow

Apply a tag, send an email or an entire campaign, wait for 2 days until the following Tuesday at 11am, branch with if-then logic, and do about 30 other things...all defined visually using the power of Drip's automation engine.

Workflows Steps Graphic

A few more highlights


New and existing Drip users who have tried Workflows get up to speed in a few minutes, rather than the days of training and thousands of dollars required by automation tools.

Exits — a Drip original

Want to exit a Workflow when certain conditions are met? For this, we invented Exits. They are surprisingly powerful and make it much easier to build simple, clean, and readable diagrams.

Vertical scrolling

Unlike a few of the tools we tried, we believe scrolling works best when it's top-to-bottom (rather than left-to-right), the way the web intended.

Built-in reporting

See how many subscribers are in the current step, and how many have passed through it. A single click shows the list of subscribers.

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