Win-Back Series

Customers who made a purchase and then went dark aren’t lost causes. Re-engage with this audience with a win back campaign.

Why You Should Create a Win-Back Series

Win back campaigns are a win-win. Not only do these campaigns re-engage your most valuable customers (ie, those who already made a purchase), but they also help you keep your email engagement rates high.

How to Write a Win-Back Series

You need to rekindle the spark in your customer relationship, which means reminding your customers why they subscribed in the first place. This series should contain 2-3 emails, and potentially include an offer.

What to Include In Your Win-Back Series

  • Brand colors and imagery
  • Your brand story - why do you do what you do?
  • An offer (it’s optional, but it almost always helps)

Win-Back Series Mistakes to Avoid

  • Only sending one email
  • Not writing compelling copy

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