Welcome Series

First impressions matter. When it comes to your brand, an effective welcome series is a little like a first date. Think of it as the email equivalent of good eye contact and thoughtful conversation.

Why You Should Create a Welcome Series

The goal of the welcome series is to introduce shoppers to your brand, and ultimately drive a first purchase.

How to Write a Welcome Email Series

Start with a welcome form to capture emails and/or phone numbers. This is how you upgrade the relationship from internet stranger to new acquaintance. But they won’t hand out their personal information to just anyone. Give them a reason. 

Show your visitors who you are. Give them some witty banter, some background information, what makes you you? And why should they shop with you over the next merchant?

Maybe there’s a unique story behind why you started your business, or a focus on sustainability or giving back to the community. 

Most importantly, include an offer. This will drive urgency for them to purchase. It doesn’t have to be a discount, but give them some sort of incentive to take the next step.

What to Include In Your Welcome Email

  • Brand colors and imagery
  • Product images
  • Social proof - what are people saying about your brand online?
  • Links to your social media accounts
  • What makes you you - your mission
  • An offer! (this is how you turn visitors into customers)

Welcome Email Mistakes to Avoid

  • Not making your welcome email a series - you need more than one email
  • Not including an offer
  • Not removing someone from the series after a purchase
  • Using ugly, unfurled links

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