Post-Repeat Purchase Series

Customers that make more than one purchase are the real MVPs. Reward and encourage customer loyalty and keep them coming back for more with a Post Repeat Purchase Series.

Why You Should Create a Post-Repeat Purchase Series

We say it all the time: repeat customers are the bread and butter of an ecommerce business. New and one-time customers are great, but if you aren’t rewarding customer loyalty, you’re missing out. A VIP email series rewards and encourages customer loyalty. Plus, by encouraging your VIPs to share their love with their friends and contacts, you can harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing. 

How to Write a Post-Repeat Purchase Series

We like including 3 emails in a VIP series, but more than 1 at minimum is good. The first email is a great place to say a simple thank you to your loyal customers, and offer a discount code. If you don’t want to offer a discount code, you could send a special offer or free shipping. 

The second email is where you encourage your customers to share the love with their contacts. Offering a discount code they can send to other people is a good way to accomplish this (you can just duplicate the offer in the first email). Plus, the unique code will give you the ability to track the performance of this email. 

The third email is a good spot to ask for customer feedback. Your VIPs are highly engaged and will likely have some things to say. You can include a link to a survey, or simply ask them to respond to the email. 

What to Include In Your Post-Repeat Purchase Series

  • Brand colors and imagery
  • A simple thank you note
  • A discount code, special offer, or free shipping offer
  • A discount code, special offer, or free shipping offer that can be shared
  • A request for feedback

Post-Repeat Purchase Series Mistakes to Avoid

  • Only sending one email
  • Not sending a compelling offer to thank your loyal customers
  • Not saying thank you

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