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Drip is rated 4.1 out of 5 based on 61 reviews. Some are good. Some are not-so-good. All are 100% honest from 100% real people like you.

love the service.. hate the new look

Im a drip customer... and I wanted to comment about this new look of yours. I guess I just dont get it. You guys are a robust business platform but I see a bunch of teenagers holding hands on your website. Not sure what thats supposed to represent. And the link at the top explaining why things look differnt, says absolutely nothing about why things look different. So again, I am confused. I want to like this new look, but I feel it says nothing about your brand, and if it does... im not so sure I want to be a part of what it says. My customers are business people and this now looks like a service for teenagers. Maybe I'm the only one who feels this way, but I liked the old look much better. I think it looked far more professional. Sure, the service on the backend is still great, but promoting your service to my customers is more awkward now because the first impression says nothing about what you do... rather brings back memories of unrequitred love, teen angst, and awkwardness. What is the new drip logo supposed to be? It looks like a bell shaped UFO or somthing. Just cant get used to it. Not feeling warm and fuzzy anymore. Guess design really is that powerful.

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Feedback so far on Drip

First, Connor's online support is great. Kudos to Connor & his followup!

Love Drip, looking forward to a rewrite of the email editor. If you're looking for a beta tester, lots of experience with that - let me know.

It takes a bit to get up to speed on Drip, but not too bad.

Have noticed a few quirks. One was if a conditional was placed in an automation workflow, and both forks had no steps yet, the workflow failed. Bummer.

Found out naming a custom field to begin with a number was bad mojo when you were using the Javascript SDK to update Drip. Changed all naming for custom fields to begin with an alpha char.

Here's some notes I gave to Ben back on 11/20/17;

  • Suggestions
    • More descriptive step labels in automation workflow. Hard to sometimes remember (without opening) what a step does.
    • If you change a custom field name (like “12_touch_pURL" to “touch_pURL” , the liquid fields in a campaign email do not change. 😔
    • If you edit/rename a custom field identifier, triggers based on that identifier do not change & must be updated manually.
    • Include a switch conditional in an automation workflow (instead of forks with decisions).
    • Ability to use variables (Liquid?) in event custom properties rather than fixed values.
    • Add Snippets to the API - would allow email content to be supplied (and adjusted) outside the Drip email editor (looks like a workaround is to insert the email content into a custom field then use Liquid to insert the custom field into an email
    • A [11/20/17]: Discussed, Ben took notes, will followup where appropriate.

One BIG suggestion - have an option switch that allows (by default) all custom fields to be exposed to the API as they are created. It got me more than once as I was developing - I'd run code that hit the API, created a new custom field, then when I'd query the API agin for the subscriber the new custom field didn't show. Huh??? Finally figured out I needed to explicitly set the Make Public flag for that custom field using the Drip dashboard. I get the security aspect, but you should - logically - have a mode where if you create it with one call you can see it with a second call, not have to go into the dashboard & manually toggle visibility. :-(.

So far, so good. Getting ready to move our application into production. Excited!


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Drip Review

Drip's support team has been good and responsive.

The biggest improvements I would like seen on Drip are:

  1. More visibility on scheduling i.e. if I update the schedule of an email in a series of emails, then there is a roughly four-hour delay before the update will take effect. Usually, I am doing this when I want something to be sent now so it would be much better to have this update happen quicker and to have more visibility into when the emails will be sent out.

  2. I believe you can't restart a subscriber in a campaign from the API so I had to do a workaround using the automations in your GUI and tags. There is a button in the GUI to restart a subscriber in a campaign so it would be really nice to have this via the API. When you have >1000 subscribers you need to update, you have to do it programmatically via the API.

  3. Delays in having automations take effect has caused me some short-term confusion. When you are trying to get automations working and testing them, some of the internal drip delays for things to start working caused some problems. Visibility on whether the automation was truly enabled would be helpful here.

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As a former MailChimp customer, I had heard Drip is the Lamborghini of email automation - so I had high hopes. But from the website being down to a difficult layout, overwhelming training, and issues with inserting email artwork, I've found our experience to be lackluster. Really hoping 2018 is our year, Drip!

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Excited for the visual editor!

I’m loving Drip, though we’re looking forward to a more user-friendly visual email editor! There is so much for me to learn about workflows and general functionality, and my goal is to dive into all of that at the beginning of 2018.

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Support team doing perfect job!

Support team doing perfect job!

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Powerful, complicated and expensive

Hi! I know I will strongly benefit from what I will learn about Drip in the future. Though, when someone as myself doesn't start full-time on it (and has an existing DB like mine that was on Mailchimp), he is kind of forced to pay from day 1, though the benefits will come from day 200. I strongly suggest you, to make sure to establish long-term relationships with your customers, to add a trial less expensive subscription based on number of actions (i.e. emails sent, flows activated etc.) or just the fact of being a new customer, making it more affordable.

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I love Drip (both the platform and the team)!!

I fell in love with the team and the platform ever since I started attending the webinars. It would be extremely hard for another company to get me to switch. Support is super fast and awesome, and the platform is very well thought out. Two thumbs way up!

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Drip's the BEST!!!

I love Drip! It has allowed me to do so much more than I ever thought possible with my business - and I know I've only scratched the surface. The support is extremely helpful and have walked me through showing me exactly what I needed to do. I couldn't be happier with Drip and recommend it to all!

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Excellent customer support

I always appreciate the excellent customer support. Using Drip continues to be a learning curve and the team's help is invaluable. Thank you.

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