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Drip is rated 4.2 out of 5 based on 176 reviews. Some are good. Some are not-so-good. All are 100% honest from 100% real people like you.

Beginner story

Have signed up for quite while and just beginning to understand what I have been missing. The good work to give me a good idea of what I will be doing makes me want to get going sooner than later and look forward to a mutual reward.

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Amazing product and immaculate support.

I can get an answer to my question within seconds. The product itself is second to none, but with support staff like Dave and Tiana (the two I've personally worked with), I don't think I'll ever switch providers.

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So good

You guys are awesome. I love you, I love the service, I love the development pace, and I love the customer service.

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Feedback on Drip

In general, I like Drip a lot.

A few items that cause me the most pain (these are things that would help me out quite a bit if they were improved):

  1. It is very difficult to control an individuals position in the middle of a campaign (i.e. inserting them into the middle of a campaign is overly hard).

  2. The restart campaign should really have a way to do this via API. Currently, I have to do things through an API and then create an automation workflow in the UI. Should just have a way to do this through the API.

  3. It would be helpful if you didn't add "TEST" and use {{ subscriber.first_name }} when sending a test email. Relatively frequently we have to send an email to someone out of sequence (they want the email early) and this makes the email look ugly (or forces more manual work on us).

As I said, I am a very happy customer so keep up the good work.


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Best marketing communication service hands down.

I have used a bunch of services for years including big names like Mailchimp and Getresponse. None of them have provided the impressive features, ease of use and profit increase as Drip. It might be a bit more expensive, but the return on investment is high. If you're serious about email marketing, Drip is the platform to use. Stinus

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An informal learning management system

We use Drip as an informal learning management system so people can easily take 'micro-learning' with a minimal of fuss while we still can track their progress. It gives us everything we need without the headaches.

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Generally drip is a great product

Generally Drip is a great product, but where other platforms are innovating with smarter marketing, chat bots, more integrations, etc, either drip seems to be standing still or I'm missing something. Areas I'd love to see improvement in include a better user experience to make it easier to work between my list and broadcasts and campaigns and better support for infoproduct based entrepreneurs. Whatever happened to It would also be great to know what's going on behind the scenes, as since the new CEO took over (which I didn't find out about until months later), it seems like the company is standing still or has stopped communicating with customers.

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Great tool with a lot of integrations

I’m using drip with WooCommerce and WP Fusion to manage my elearning site. It’s a very good tool, easy to use and it works well with a lot of WP plugins out there.

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Not perfect, but getting there

5 stars not for what Drip is, but what it is working on becoming. Quite honestly, there are some issues, most prominently in my mind is the workflow organization. It’s fiddly. But constantly improving.

No platform is born perfect but I appreciate the efforts that the Dario dev team puts in to constant improvements. And listening to its customer, and what we want/need.

I do miss Anna and her awesome instructional videos. Please bring that back! More instructions are needed beyond the docs & blog.

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Compared to last summer, it's

Compared to last summer, it's a lot easier to use once the changes were made. It's much more like Convert Kit, so it's a lot easier to use. If anything, my only complaint is in order to get help answer question, I had to upgrade to $49/mo without even having an e-mail list yet. My hope is they continue making Drip easier. I am not sure if I will officially stay with Drip, but I like a lot of what it offers compared to Convert Kit.

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