Spring Copenhagen increased their AOV by 32.24%

Spring Copenhagen
Gift & Novelty

Since Spring Copenhagen made the switch from Mailchimp to Drip, their average order value increased over 30% and their CTR on newsletters shot up by 96%

Gift brand in +900 stores

Gifts for every occasion and budget—that's the ethos of Spring Copenhagen, which designs, produces, and sells popular wooden figures along with various other interior items.

Key numbers

  • 15 employees
  • Primary markets: Denmark, Germany, Sweden, and Norway
  • Presence in 11 countries
  • Products available in over 900 stores and webshops
  • Price range: 100 to 6000 DKK

Who uses Drip?

At Spring Copenhagen, Christian Klauber, head of communication, marketing, and e-commerce, and Martin Råe, copywriter and online editor, are the two people who use Drip.

Martin Råe is responsible for designing, writing, and sending newsletters, while Christian Klauber primarily leverages Drip for data analysis and campaign performance evaluation. The brand's email marketing strategy is a collaborative effort between the two.

Powerful features, fair pricing

Christian Klauber and Martin Råe sought a new ESP due to Mailchimp's perceived high cost relative to its offerings. They required a robust tool to bolster Spring Copenhagen's e-commerce segment, which also includes sales through various other webshops and physical stores.

Their search criteria included an intuitive interface, comprehensive performance analytics, and a robust email builder. Drip checked all the boxes. 

"We got contacted at the exact right time and we felt very secure and heard through every step of the sales process. We even decided against the otherwise popular Klaviyo simply becuase Drip did such a good job at understanding and meeting our requirements," Christian Klauber explains. 

"And it was just super easy to get started with. The first-hand impression was great, the layout and interface was clean and the learning curve wasn't too steep" Martin Råe adds.


“I would recommend Drip to all small and medium-sized companies who want to quickly get started with email marketing or optimize their current setup.”

Christian Klauber

Head of communication, marketing, and e-commerce, Spring Copenhagen

As easy as VEB

"The visual email builder is easily my favorite feature of Drip. It's exceptionally well-designed and incredibly user-friendly. With it, you can view key elements like the subject line, preheader, and the email itself simultaneously, making it effortless to grasp the context of your work—a crucial aspect for me."

That's Martin Råe's response when asked about his favorite Drip feature or functionality.

Besides its intuitive email builder, both Christian Klauber and Martin Råe also praise Drip for its high level of service—both before and after signing the contract.

Transitioning to Drip was seamless for Spring Copenhagen. As part of the deal, their existing flows and lists were smoothly migrated from Mailchimp. As soon as Black Friday 2023 was successfully squared away, they shifted their email operations entirely to Drip, discontinuing their use of Mailchimp.

Christian Klauber notes, "There's been great responsiveness whenever we needed to contact Drip, whether it's regarding the contract itself or for support questions."

The team behind Drip is another aspect that both Martin and Christian greatly appreciate.

"Most marketing and communication professionals know what needs to be done, but figuring out 'how' and especially 'when' is the challenge. Having someone like Morten (the salesperson) by your side ensures a solid start. His guidance helped us navigate the essentials swiftly—finding the quickest path to profitability," Christian Klauber elaborates.

Results speak louder than words

Switching from Mailchimp to Drip has proven to be a wise business move for Spring Copenhagen.

They send an average of 2 newsletters per week and they have an active welcome flow consisting of three emails.

Their average order value for newsletters has increased from 343 DKK with Mailchimp to 454 DKK in Drip—an impressive rise of 32.24%.

The increase in AOV is even higher for Spring Copenhagen's workflows. The AOV of their email flows is 680 DKK compared to the ecommerce's general AOV of 362 DKK.

Focusing more on email flows than newsletters has paid off significantly. Spring Copenhagen's workflows in 2024 boasted a 4.57% conversion rate, compared to the webshop's overall conversion rate of 0.77% during the same period.

In comparison to Drip's benchmarks for the industry, Spring Copenhagen's performance is commendable. Their CTR on workflows surpasses the benchmark by 128.50%, and they achieve an impressive revenue per person of 1.86 DKK, compared to Drip's benchmark of 0.21 DKK for companies of similar size and industry.

Spring Copenhagen's workflows have a 4,57% conversion rate.

The webshop's general conversion rate is 0.77%.


"With Drip, you can really kickstart your email marketing journey, thanks to the exceptional support and guidance provided by "real", genuine individuals. You never feel like you're just sending your support questions into the big unknown"

Martin Råe

Copywriter and online editor, Spring Copenhagen

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