Mythologie Candles consistently drives 60-80% of their revenue through Drip.

Mythologie Candles
Custom Candles

Since launching in March of 2020, Mythologie Candles has used Drip to connect with customers in a super-segmented, ultra-personalized way. As a result, the company grew to over $1M in sales in its first 9 months.

The story (and stats) speak for themselves.

Mythologie Candles was born out of the combined experience of sound and scent. For the release of her fifth symphonic metal album in 2019, founder Leah McHenry created a three-candle collection to bundle with her music. The candles (and the music) were a hit, and sparked the beginning of Leah’s candle-making journey.

One year later—as a way of offering high-quality, custom-scented candles that would enhance the experience of fantasy and mythology fans everywhere—Leah started Mythologie Candles.

How Drip’s easy-to-use platform helps Mythologie save time & streamline.

Mythologie Candles has been with Drip since first opening up shop at the beginning of the pandemic. Then and now, the platform and its capabilities have been a vital piece of Mythologie’s infrastructure and growth. Getting to experience the improvements made around integrations, UX, and deliverability over the years has also been a plus. In a way, Mythologie and Drip have grown together.

Beyond their niche candle brand, Leah and her husband also run multiple businesses across different industries. For them, Drip has proven to be the email marketing platform they can depend on in each case.

“It’s such an easy-to-use system that allows you to get set up and launched right away, without a lot of complexity or wasted time. In your initial start up phase this is super important because lags in tech can cause momentum to slow.”



Total revenue driven by email marketing



Repeat purchase rate



Attributed revenue driven by repeat purchasers



Attributed revenue from VIP emails

Leah McHenry, Founder of Mythologie Candles

“We’ve been with Drip since day one of launching Mythologie Candles, back in March of 2020, and the platform has been a vital piece of our infrastructure and growth.”

Steven Harnett

Chief Operating Officer, Mythologie Candles

How repeat purchasers drive 80% of Mythologie's total revenue.

“Drip has helped us engage with our customers by providing excellent deliverability over the years—this has been invaluable.”

By focusing on truly getting to know their customers—and then using that knowledge to create deep segmentation—Mythologie Candles has been able to communicate with them in an extremely personal way. The result is customers who actually want to receive their emails, repeat purchasers driving 80% of Mythologie’s revenue, and email marketing that consistently drives 60-80% of revenue.

The marketing strategy? Put your people first.

From day one, Mythologie’s focus has been customer-centric: offer people what they are excited about through targeted “coming soon” campaigns, and convert them into customers. Wow them with their first purchase, then convert them again and again.

With Drip's best customer analysis report, Mythologie Candles can see their efforts to drive repeat purchases represented through clear data, and make changes accordingly.

“We have multiple businesses across different industries, and Drip has proven to be a platform we can depend on in each case.”

Steven Harnett

Chief Operating Officer, Mythologie Candles

Deeper segmentation through... smell.

Despite the challenges of selling fragrance-based products online, Mythologie Candles has found a way to engage new and existing customers: a fun, very on-brand scent quiz.

By gamifying the experience of finding the right candle for each individual, Mythologie is able to both deliver better customer experiences and achieve higher customer satisfaction. All while gathering crucial, zero-party customer data.

Without a doubt, Mythologie’s engaging scent quiz has contributed to deeper segmentation, increased sales, and happier customers across the board.


“Our scent quiz has helped us bucket people into specific categories, produce sales which might have otherwise been harder to achieve, and grow our list with new leads who are interested in our products and the experience.”

Steven Harnett

Chief Operating Officer, Mythologie Candles


Mythologie’s VIP segments drive more than 27% of their total revenue—the most out of any single email or workflow.

Brand fans & strategy drive Mythologie’s 35% repeat purchase rate.

How does Mythologie Candles achieve a 35% repeat purchase rate? It all comes down to knowing your customer.

While a lot of companies miss the mark or don’t spend the proper amount of time and energy on product market fit, Mythologie dove into it from day one.

“When you have the right audience matched with the right product, and then you combine those things with the right message, it’s hard to lose. If you know your customers’ needs and wants, and can provide both in a way that makes sense, you will produce good results.”

VIP segmentation done right.

Almost immediately, Mythologie Candles noticed how certain customers (super-fans, really) would set an alarm for 4am just to make sure they didn’t miss a new collection-launch email.

Using things like trigger links and special opt-ins, Mythologie has been able to capture these contacts into even more specific VIP segments. As a result, these VIP segments consistently drive more than 27% of Mythologie’s total revenue—the most out of any single email or workflow.


“We found Drip to be a great email platform both for our digital courses business, as well as our ecommerce businesses. It’s such an easy-to-use system that allows users to get set up and launched right away, without a lot of complexity or wasted time. In your initial start up phase this is super important because lags in tech can cause momentum to slow.”

Steven Harnett

Chief Operating Officer, Mythologie Candles

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