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Pre-made visual workflows built for your business.

Drip’s visual workflows are high-converting pre-made automations built for your business. Choose how people enter a workflow, then customize it to adapt to their every action.

Below is our roster of popular ecommerce marketing workflows. Click to install one (or many) in your own Drip account, and start using them for free today.


Cart Abandonment (Advanced)

Send reminder emails and targeted Facebook ads to customers who ditch their shopping carts.

Drip Workflow - Cart Abandonment (Advanced)

Webinar Registration Abandonment

Did someone visit your webinar registration page but didn't sign up? Remind them to do that with Facebook ads and emails.

Drip Workflow - Webinar Registration Abandonment

At-Risk Customer Win-Back

Is a customer ghosting on you? Win back their attention with tempting Facebook ads and darn good emails.

Drip Workflow - At-Risk Customer Win-Back

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

If you don't get in on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, do you even sell things? Launch the perfect day-specific campaign.

Drip Workflow - Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Category Abandonment

Ramp up the conversation around specific product categories (shirts, cats, etc.) when customers show interest.

Drip Workflow - Category Abandonment

Facebook Custom Audiences + Shopify

This one-two punch aligns the messages you send to customers and leads via both Facebook and email.

Drip Workflow - Facebook Custom Audiences + Shopify

Facebook Custom Audiences LTV Ranking

Rank your customers based on LTV, then show 'em Facebook ads specific to which ranking they earn.

Drip Workflow - Facebook Custom Audiences LTV Ranking

Facebook Custom Audiences Retargeting

Show ultra-targeted Facebook ads to people who've visited specific pages on your site (like you're a mind reader).

Drip Workflow - Facebook Custom Audiences Retargeting

How do these make you money? See how with a demo.

Get customers back to their carts, sync all your marketing, and engage with customers at any stage, any time. Learn how with a free demo.

Interested Product Abandonment

Give interested shoppers the nudge they need to buy the product they've been yearning after time and time again.

Drip Workflow - Interested Product Abandonment