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Pre-made visual workflows built for your business.

Drip’s visual workflows are high-converting pre-made automations built for your business. Choose how subscribers enter a workflow, then customize it to adapt to their every action.

Below is our roster of popular ecommerce marketing workflows. Click to install one (or many) in your own Drip account, and start using them for free today.


Advanced Cart Abandonment


Send messages and Facebook ads to customers who leave their shopping cart without converting.

Simple Cart Abandonment


Send a message to customers who leave their shopping cart without converting.

Webinar Registration Abandonment


If a subscriber is interested in your webinar but didn't sign up, use this workflow to give them another opportunity.

At-Risk Customer Win-Back


Target shoppers who haven't purchased in a while, and encourage them to make another purchase before they're gone too long.



Sending annual emails is an effective tactic to show your subscribers love on their birthdays, send anniversary emails, or send milestone reminders once a year.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday


This workflow powers day-specific deals and sales, perfect for Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Category Abandonment


Track a specific category that interests your shoppers and pitch a sale once they've displayed enough interest.

Coupon Welcome Series


Use this workflow to grow your list and promote conversion by offering potential customers a discount in exchange for their email address.

Customer Win-Back


Find customers who’ve stopped buying from you and get them to purchase again using this workflow.

Facebook Custom Audiences + Shopify


Message-match with the email campaigns that you’re sending at the same time new subscribers are seeing your Facebook ads.

Facebook Custom Audiences LTV Ranking


Determine which of your Facebook Custom Audiences to add or remove your customers from and rank your customers based on their lifetime values.

Facebook Custom Audiences Retargeting


This workflow provides an easy way to retarget your customers on Facebook after they have visited a page on your website.

Feedback Survey


Customer service-triggered emails send surveys to customers who have interacted with your brand and request feedback to measure satisfaction.

Interested Product Abandonment


This workflow tracks how often potential shoppers view a specific product, and, when the timing is right, it retargets those who are window shopping.

Lead Magnet Delivery


It’s important to get the delivery of your lead magnet right. This sets the tone for your relationship with your subscribers.

Mobile Networking


Use this workflow to stay in touch with leads you meet in person.

Next-Sell Campaign


When a customer makes a purchase, recommend another product that is frequently purchased next or complements the item they just bought

Normalizing Name Fields


Use this workflow to sync and normalize first name, last name, and name fields so you can better personalize your content to your subscribers.

Product Review


Product review-triggered emails ask customers who have recently purchased and received a product to submit a review.

Purchase Power Profiler


Use this workflow to understand which of your customers buy using coupons and discounts, so you can serve them offers tailored for price-sensitivity.

Re-Engagement and List Pruning


Pruning your list is a basic tenet of email hygiene. Use this workflow for a soft approach to cleaning up your list.

Schedule Consultation Calls


This workflow will add new consultation calls to your calendar automatically for better scheduling and time management.

Webinar Registration Follow-up


When someone signs up for your webinar, this workflow will remind them about your upcoming event.