6 Thank You Emails We Love

Have you ever sat blankly staring at your cursor, willing it to magically write you the perfect copy for your thank you email? As riveting and not-at-all frustrating as that is, we thought we’d pull together some examples of really great thank you emails for you to use as inspiration. From shipping confirmations to referral codes, there’s a thank you email for every occasion. Here are a few we’re really loving.

1. Chrome - Short, Sweet, and Shipped

Simplicity is bliss, and this is a straight-up blissful email to look at and read. Although it has a ton of content included, it’s got everything customers want in a shipping email and nothing they don’t. There are lots of components to emulate here, but a few of them stick out in particular.

  • Delicious blank space - no clutter, one simple logo, and minimal branding within the email keep everything easy to read 

  • A simple “thanks [Firstname]” keeps things personalized

  • The way they’ve included links to their social media platforms is fun and not at all annoying

  • The more technical bits like payment and shipping are at the bottom - it’s more fun to look at the fun stuff you just ordered anyways

Chrome shipping email confirmation

2. Google One - Your Year in Review

Retrospective emails are a great way to show appreciation for your customers. This example from Google manages to be useful and sales-enabled at the same time, which is never an easy feat. If you have features or upgrades you want to encourage customers to purchase, this can be a great way to work them into your email strategy. In this case, they’ve picked a time frame and done a retrospective of all of the customer activity within. You’ll notice that they’ve snuck in some promotions and upgrades as well, but it’s not immediately obvious upon the first read. 

Google Year in Review Email

3. DavidsTEA - Thanks for Your LoyalTEA

Loyal customers rock, and fostering customer loyalty goes a long way towards creating the kind of repeat customers that end up becoming the bread and butter for most businesses. This email from DavidsTEA is a great example of loyalty marketing in action. It’s basically showcasing all of the customer data they’ve collected since the customer first joined their list. It’s personalization at scale, and we are here for it. This is where having advanced tagging and personalization features included in your ecommerce marketing platform really comes in clutch. Wink, wink.


4. Blume - Love Notes

This might not qualify as a thank you email, per se, but it’s a cute idea and a great example of brand-building. This email from Blume gives customers a chance to write love notes which are then included in orders being shipped out. Now, love notes might not be the right play for your industry, but it makes sense for this company considering they sell self-care products. The takeaway here is to get creative with your industry and find fun ways to foster community with your customers. Engaged customers are happy customers, and happy customers are more likely to become repeat customers.  

Blume thank you note

5. Playstation - Happy Holidays!

Oh great, another boring holiday email, right? Wrong! This example from Playstation is really well done. While they’ve included a credit for a free game, it’s not immediately apparent from the subject line that that’s what they’re doing here. This email is great in that it’s pretty, festive, and genuinely useful and fun to its target audience while rewarding loyal customers who actually open the emails they receive. Even if you don’t give your customers free stuff, rewarding your most loyal customers with an incentive to open your holiday marketing emails is always a good idea. 


  1. Allset - Referral Creds

This email is so simple and so pretty. Allset encourages customers to share a referral code with their friends, offering a cash credit as a thank you to those whose codes are used to place orders. This concept could work in a few different ways, but the takeaway is that they’re both incentivizing and thanking their customers for sharing their code. 

Allset email

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