How to Crush your Valentine’s Day Marketing

Do you smell that? Love is in the air. 

It’s hard to deny that Valentine’s Day is a good marketing opportunity. The National Retail Federation reported that Valentine’s Day spending increased by 21% from 2019 to 2020. With the current state of the world and ecommerce at large, it seems highly possible that we’ll see more record-breaking numbers this year. That means now is the time to build your Valentine’s Day marketing campaign, and we’ve got a few ideas and examples to help you get started.

1. Find a creative play on your brand or industry.

Create a Venn diagram of the problem you solve for your customers and the concept of love. The overlap is where you’ll find the best ideas for marketing campaigns for Valentine’s Day. The more creative you can get, the better, but if there’s really nothing linking your brand and Valentine’s Day….you’ll have to get really creative. 

Here’s an example of an ecommerce brand that found a great solution, offering a two for one discount on their face cleansers and framing it as “one for you, one for your Valentine.” Such a cute idea!


2. Show your most loyal customers some love.

Loyalty programs and Valentine’s Day are an obvious match. Whether you’re giving bonus reward points, offering an exclusive discount, or offering a gift, showing love to customers who are enrolled in your loyalty program is a marketing play that just makes sense. Minimal cringe, maximal results. What’s not to love? 

Don’t have a loyalty program? Consider sending your most valuable customers a special discount code, like Clear did with this cute little email campaign.


3. Recommend specific products.

Statistics show emails with specific product recommendations tend to perform better than those without. Valentine’s Day shopping presents a unique challenge in that many times, people are buying gifts for someone else. While recommending products that seem to make good gifts is a natural solution, we love this solution from Urbanstems, encouraging customers to forward their Valentine’s collection as a hint to the person giving them a gift. 


4. Get social.

Social media campaigns are a great way to get in on the Valentine’s Day spirit. Grow your audience by encouraging your followers to like and share your post.  People can’t resist a good contest, so make one of the rules to follow your account. If you’re looking to create more user-generated content (UGC), have people upload their own photos and tag your brand. Whatever your goal with a social campaign, make sure it’s easy and fun for people to enter. Here’s a cute example from a campaign The Body Shop launched on Instagram.


5. Encourage customers to refer a friend.

We love this marketing angle for Valentine’s Day because it fits with the theme of the holiday so well. There are a few ways to set up a referral campaign, but we love this example from MeUndies even though it’s not technically Valentine’s Day themed. By offering customers a shareable discount code and a $20 credit, they’re not only creating some real incentives for customers to share their products and create some coveted word of mouth marketing, but they’re also cementing their relationship with their repeat customers. 

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