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Drip is rated 4.2 out of 5 based on 176 reviews. Some are good. Some are not-so-good. All are 100% honest from 100% real people like you.

So far so good.

Very easy to use. Does most of what I need to do. Automates a lot of my customer processes. Unfortunately, Drip doesn't understand basic data such as dates in various formats yet (for example DD/MM/YY oder DD. December YYYY). That would be very useful.

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Drip support is always fast

Drip support is always fast and courteous.

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More features

More features such as have the ability to extract subscribers who have unsubscribed in one go and create a workflow around it. I have more features I can think of but that's at the top of my head.

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Awesome ESP, but has some room to grow

The visual email builder needs to get better.

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Review Alejandro

Overall the platform is great.

I wish there is more educational vídeo content to maximize the use of integrations like shopify or Facebook. I think there is a lack of updated educational video content and lack of communication of the educational stuff.


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good service

good service

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Easy to Use Email Platform But ...

We moved to Drip about 8 months ago. Overall, the platform is pretty good and delivers about 85% of features that the 'big boys' offer. It lacks some of the features you really need if you have complex engagement strategies. Specifically, Drip doesn't have strong form options such as blocking emails, dynamic or progressive form fills, or layout options which forces you to use 3rd party form vendors which don't always work unless you have coding expertise. You don't get historical data, so if you add webpage tracking you only have future activity not prior. The workflows are pretty straightforward but if you have complex engagement strategies, then it can get tricky.

They upgraded the email template recently and it's terrific; and their support is pretty good, but not easy to get a real person when you have unresolved problems.

I'm still happy with our move to Drip but as I use it, I'm discovering things I wish they had that other platforms offer. I'm giving Drip 4 stars because it's better than 3, but really needs to deliver on these basic must have features.

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really like it

I find drip really useful. It seems quite surprising you decided to reposition yourself as e-commerce CRM. I would like to have more granular lead scoring: basically have possibility to add more pages to scoring criteria.

Also I would appreciate multi language support. While I haven't investigated in details, it seems that I can only have EU consent in single language. I need everything to support multiple languages.

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Great email software, but with some quirks

Drip has an excellent interface, looks beautiful, and works well. But there are many small quirks in the system that take getting used to and are non-standard for email providers. You can work through most of them, but it may get confusing. Also, pricing policy where you pay multiple times for the same contact is out of control. Be careful when using this platform and taking advantage of the multiple sub accounts feature.

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We found the response time

We found the response time to be slow. After 3 inquiries with no response we chose another company to help us out.

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Reply from Drip

Waiting on customer support can be frustrating, and it pains us to hear that our response time pushed you to pursue new options. We hope they give you the support experience you didn't receive here, and we'll work to improve this experience for new and existing customers going forward.