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Drip is rated 4.2 out of 5 based on 176 reviews. Some are good. Some are not-so-good. All are 100% honest from 100% real people like you.

Smartest tech purchase I've made in years

I put off changing email service providers for years. Drip not only made it super-simple to make the transition....but I've been absolutely delighted with the automation, workflows and segmenting that I now have access to.

Moving to Drip has given me the ability to communicate with my customers in a MUCH more relevant way that I couldn't before...simply because it was never easy to segment my audience based on so many different factors.

Drip has made it possible for me to do so much more. Easily the smartest tech purchase I've made in my business in a long time!

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Easy and reliable

This is my 3rd ESP, and I find it the easiest to work with (once I got used to it), robust, reliable, and fair priced. Since I also use LeadPages, I anticipate things getting even easier in the future.

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From Soup to Nuts... A+

Having been with AWeber, GetResponse, SendGrid, MailChimp, SendReach, and others, Drip has been so vastly superior to any of them, it's in a league of its own.

It's an easy to use, feature rich platform that has been able to do more than I imagined it could.

My one concern moving to Drip from (most recently) AWeber and SendGrid was their lack of phone support.

Turns out, Drip's Live Chat support is better than anything I've dealt with in the other platforms, and it's fast.

At this point, I've probably had at least two dozen chats with their staff, most of which were answered immediately. Only once have I waited for more than a minute or two.

The ONLY things I wish for are more robust A/B testing in Campaign emails and the ability to A/B test Broadcast (i.e. one-time emails).

TL;DR: Great platform. Feature rich. Excellent support.

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Love Drip so far

I have been using Drip for a few months and have been loving it. I have had exceptional experiences with customer support (very helpful and responsive) and I find overall it's very user-friendly but provides great data. Also the beta visual email builder is great - was very happy to see that as it was a feature I definitely wanted. So far very happy!

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Such a great tool for email marketing

Nothing but short of awesome. Simple to learn and so robust yet easy.

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I need additional help ... how to get my affiliate link for DRIP?

I need additional help ... how to get my affiliate link for DRIP?

Thank you...

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Reply from Drip

You can find details about the affiliate program here:


If I have a question about anything at all I can always count on getting my problem solved quickly with Drip's live chat :)

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Love my Drip

Drip is great, and helps me automate my lead gen so that I can "set it and forget it" with a lot of my online funnels. I especially like the content snippet feature, and use it regularly to update email signatures with special events/promotions. I also love the notification emails out of the workflow options, because there are some lead gen events that I want to know about the moment they occur.

If I had to make one suggestion, to get my review to 5 stars, I'd say some sorting and grouping features are needed on the ux. Things like defaulting my campaign and workflow lists to "Active" instead of "All" would make it easier to see what I'm currently working on. Also, while I like the grouping that is available now with campaigns, one thing I do miss about MailChimp was the folder feature for sorting.

Overall, though, I regularly recommend Drip to any marketing and entrepreneur peeps I come in contact with, and have taken on some successful clients as part of the Drip Certified Consultant program.


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Support about Bulk orders and segment operations

Andy was very helpful. Unfortunately, my issue wasn’t resolved but that had nothing to do with the customer service.

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Bit slow to reply but

Bit slow to reply but issue resolved quickly

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