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Drip is rated 4.2 out of 5 based on 176 reviews. Some are good. Some are not-so-good. All are 100% honest from 100% real people like you.

pretty good

still missing some functionality, drop down boxes, radio buttons, etectera.

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Stellar Customer Support

Had to request chat support several times in one day when I attempted my first automated workflow in Drip, and wow!! All support agents were unfailingly helpful, kind, knowledgeable and made sure I knew I could ask further questions if I needed too! Well done.

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Great tool with a lot of potential

Drip is a great tool with tons of potential. It is perhaps the most powerful marketing automation platform on the planet, but there are some UX fixes needing to be made. The workflow canvas gets pretty out of control, and there is no way to drag nodes or snap them to a grid, so some workflows are unnecessarily wide (tons of extra line), or generally complicated. Also, there is no way to see individual pages viewed in subscriber tracking, which is not cool.

There are a number of good integrations, but for an ecommerce CRM, lacking Magento is a weakness.

Finally, the requirement of an email address is sooo 2007, when we’re in a mobile first internet now. Cell phone or Messenger centric contacts should be possible, for omnichannel ecommerce and communication.

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You don’t need anything else!

Drip saves me hours, probably days if I actually calculated it. Top notch support when I get stuck and constant enhancements to make it all that better. Thanks Drip!

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It's good.

Great to see the upgrade and being able to have the option of sending colourful html emails now to mix it up.

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After a year, I'm just now discovering it's power!

Can't believe it took me this long to discover the power at my disposal! At at such a tremendous price. You won't find a match at any price.

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Powerful automation engine, with only a few drawbacks

Drip is the most powerful, well-balanced marketing automation platform I've used to date. It's enable us to build very complex, dynamic sequences with ease.

Customer support is responsive, pleasant and generally helpful.

One weakness is reporting - it's just woefully underdeveloped, too simplistic, and focused on surface level views of vanity metrics. To be fair, I've found every email / automation platform I've used to be lacking in this area.

The other issue is uptime - it seems like Drip is going through some growing pains and their infrastructure is constantly being tested / stretched. The number of very short-term downtime as increase in frequency over the last six months.

All in all - the combination of events w/ properties, fields, tagging, integrations, rules engine and developer API makes doing almost anything possible with Drip.

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Love it

Love the support you offer. Still learning how to do more with the platform.

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I love Drip!

I've used a few email providers to this point in my years online and have to say that Drip has been totally awesome. It's easy to use, has all the features and benefits I need, and the support is always there if I need it. It's been a great experience and awesome user platform. I'd highly recommend it and there's no need to look for any other email provider. Cheers to the Drip team!

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Drip is the example for a brighter future

I'm a Drip fan. I love everything about this platform, technically advanced in comparaison with all the others I tried before. I appreciate the fact that they keep progressing. Plus, the customers service is exceptional. When you have a problem, the skilled technical team members stay with you, in the chat, until a solution is found. They teach you how to fix your problem in a way that you will remember afterwards. It's a powerful way to help their clients to acquire new skills. They grow with their customers but they make us grow at the same time. Drip is an example to be followed by all the companies (and startups) who want to succeed in the future. Imagine a tech company who makes you evolve and be smarter. For me, they are the best, they combine the technology, the finest design and this promising way to assist their clients. You should try the experience with Drip, you will understand what I mean. You will regret (as I did) that you didn't discover them sooner.

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