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Drip is rated 4.2 out of 5 based on 176 reviews. Some are good. Some are not-so-good. All are 100% honest from 100% real people like you.

The Drip team is awesome!

The Drip team is awesome! Every single person on the team goes above and beyond to make sure we're happy and that everything in our account is functioning as effectively as it can. I love them!

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Game changing App

I have tried other messaging apps, and nothing compares to what I can do with Drip! Being able to route workflows and integrate with leadpages, zapier and callfire has changed the way I do business forever! Quick customer service too! All around A PLUS experience!

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Great customer service

Very pleased

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App is pretty solid, support is lacking

the visual workflow builder is the best out there. Good thing you added support for events & Liquid in workflows.

The support (especially for affiliates!) is lacking. is a real downgrade from the previously used Ambassador. I can no longer see which account was registered as an affiliate or which one I get money for. SUPER downgrade. Contacting the affiliate support (Liv!?) never works. I've been ghosted for weeks. Then when I write into the normal support, I suddenly get a response from her, only to be ghosted again when I have more questions.

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Integrates perfectly

Makes our drip campaigns a breeze!

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Nice but a little expensive

Nice but a little expensive. $149/m is a bit of a strectch for me

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all good all fine

The overall experience with Drip I've had so far (over a year) is generally good. I like the team and your philosophy. The support team answers fast on any questions or issues. I have only one remark and that is that the processes are made a bit more complicated than in reality they are. What it is supposed to be easy to do and create, I feel like you've made it more complex than it needs to be. I'd think of ways to make the platform to be smoother for the users' experience in order to make them more effective in their work and happier. Please don't take this as a bad review, I really like your platform and we'll continue using it, I just wrote what I think it would be good for your team to know in order to be even better. P.S. I love the builder you've created, that's something that we really needed. All best! Cheers

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Drip is good

I love drip and have been using for years. Would be 5 star if they improve their drip forms!

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Great tool!

Logical structure, simple to use, ... and the rigt features to enable storytelling etc. Good job!

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It gets a bit expensive!

Hi there, I love drip, once I got round your quirky little thing about using a custom event to distinguish different types of sales, I'm rocking the workflows. However, I think it gets a bit expensive at £100 a month for just under 2000 contacts? Nicola

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