8 Order Confirmation Email Examples for a Memorable Brand Experience

You’re online shopping. You add your items to your cart, enter your billing details, hit complete purchase, and then… the waiting game begins.

If you’re like me, you immediately go to your inbox to read your order confirmation email. Sigh of relief. They got it. Back to waiting at the window… 

Image of a dog waiting at a door. Text reads: me waiting for the delivery man as soon as I order something online.

The order confirmation email isn’t just an opportunity for ecommerce brands to reassure customers that the order was received. It's a chance to set expectations about the shipping process, get people excited about their purchase, and build long-term loyalty. 

In this post, learn how to spice up your ecommerce order confirmation emails with 8 great examples.

What is an order confirmation email? 

Chewy order email. Text reads: your order is on its way.

Source: Really Good Emails

An order confirmation email is an email sent by a merchant after a customer completes a transaction in an ecommerce store. What sets these emails apart is that they’re transactional, versus promotional. Transactional emails are sent in response to an action a customer has already taken (i.e., making a purchase). 

Because transactional emails are sent after an action’s been taken, like making a purchase, people typically expect them. And they’re much more likely to be opened compared to promotional emails.

On average, transactional emails have an open rate of 80-85%. While promotional emails are between 20-25%. And a third of companies attribute 25% of their email revenue to transactional and triggered emails. 

In addition to high engagement and revenue, transactional order emails have other benefits, too.

Why are order confirmation emails important?

Right after someone makes the decision to buy, you have their attention and are starting to earn their trust. So, what should you do now? 

Now, you have the opportunity to go beyond just the basics, i.e., billing and shipping confirmation, and deliver even more customer value. Here are a few reasons why order emails are important: 

They provide reassurance. Customers don’t just appreciate order confirmation emails, they expect them. People want to know that you received their order and that it will be on its way shortly. Nobody wants to be ghosted after making a purchase!

They set expectations about the shipping process. With postal carriers overwhelmed at the rise in online shopping, shipping delays have become the norm. Most folks are understanding of this, but you can easily set yourself up for success by setting these expectations in the order confirmation email. 

Am I going to be waiting at the door for 3-5 days or 12-15 days? Let the people know!

They get customers excited about their purchase. Get creative with your email graphics and copy, and use the order confirmation email to build excitement about the purchase. This makes the wait time a little bit easier, and the customer experience as a whole better. 

They help build long-term loyalty. Providing reassurance, setting expectations, and using your creative to build excitement helps make happy customers. And happy customers are more likely to turn into loyal ones. 

Now that you know what order confirmation emails are and why they’re important, here are 8 ways to spice up your order confirmation emails (with examples!). 

Add your branding 

Sustainability is a core value of Reformation’s brand. We love that they double-down on this in the order confirmation email by letting customers know how many pounds of carbon dioxide, gallons of water, and waste emitted they saved with their purchase. It’s far from just another plain purchase receipt! 

Reformation order email. Text reads: You did good. We ran the numbers, and below are the RefScale savings from your order. 11 pounds of carbon dioxide, 4 gallons of water and 1 pounds of waste. High five yourself.

Invite customers to your rewards program 

Fresh off of their purchase customers are feeling the love with your brand. Paired with the fact that your order confirmation email will most likely be opened, it’s a great place to invite people to your rewards program.

Princess Polly’s rewards invitation isn’t too in your face, and they add an extra incentive with 10% off your next purchase. 

Princess Polly order email. Text reads: love this for you.

Double-down on your value props

Patagonia is known for its outdoorsy, quality apparel. They open the email by prominently thanking you for shopping with them, and end it by doubling down on their value propositions. 

Patagonia order email. Text reads: Thank you for shopping at Patagonia. Your order is on its way.

Get people excited about their purchase

While you should add your branding, there’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple and straight to the point. We got your order, we’re getting it ready, and we’ll let you know when it ships. Parade also lets you know where to reach them with questions and invites you to follow them on Instagram while you wait.  

Parade order email. Text reads: We got your order! Hey Laura, we're getting your order ready. We'll send you an update when it ships!

Showcase your best-sellers

An easy and effective way to cross-sell? Showcase your best-sellers or recommended products in the order confirmation email. They’ve already shown that they’re ready to commit to buying, which is why the order confirmation email is the perfect place to showcase your best-sellers. 

Frankies Bikinis order email.

Refer a friend

In addition to the A+ copy and creative in Casper’s order confirmation email, we love the refer a friend promotion. This is another great way to add customer value and get the most out of an email that’s almost sure to be opened. 

Casper order email. Text reads: Countdown to better sleep. Smiles Davis, we've received your order and all systems are go. When your order ships, we'll send you another email with your tracking info.

Source: Really Good Emails

Offer a special discount on the next purchase

Blume is doing a lot that we love here, most notably the special discount for a product that usually goes with the two items purchased. This is another great way to cross-sell immediately post-purchase when someone has already committed to buying. (and I totally used that code to purchase the item I missed).

It doesn’t feel overly sales pitchy or promotional either, just helpful. 

Blume order email. Text reads: We're packing up your order!

Invite customers to your community 

Bloomscape covers all the basics in this order confirmation email: sets shipping expectations, thanks you for shopping with them, and reassures you that they received your order. 

They take it a step further by inviting you to join their real plant family, which, as any new plant parent knows, is so helpful! Inviting customers to your community is a great way to keep them engaged with your brand and build long-term loyalty.   

Bloomscape order email. Text reads: Thank you for shopping with us!

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