How to Use Product Recommendations at the Right Point in the Customer Journey

Needless to say, there’s a lot going on in the world right now. Here at Drip, we’re always thinking about how we can best serve our customers, and this week, we’ve been thinking a lot about personalization and the customer journey. Let’s be real - we know that you’re busy and you don’t have endless hours to devote to your marketing strategy. That’s why we’re bringing back Drip Tips: Blog Edition.  

Each Drip Tip takes less than the amount of time it takes to watch an episode of Tiger King and slightly longer than the amount of time it takes to watch a hole of golf. But hey, guaranteed-or-your-money-back (kidding, this blog is free) to feel shorter.

In all seriousness, all of our strategies are designed to work for you long-term. That’s the beauty of taking the time to implement your marketing strategies in Drip. So plop down with your favorite binge-worthy show, a fresh cup of coffee, and implement a new strategy with us. You’ll have an automation humming under the hood, building your brand a loyal customer base in no time.

This week we’ll walk you through a simple yet powerful way to incorporate our smart Product Recommendations feature at the right point in the customer journey. First, we’ll explain why the heck product recommendations are so important, then we’ll walk through implementation.

Think about the Customer Journey

Product Recommendations are most effective for people who have previously purchased from you, because our algorithm looks at past purchase data to give personalized product recommendations to entice folks to come back and buy the things they’re interested in.

It’s really important to put yourselves in the shoes of your customer. Ask yourself:

  • Where are they in their customer journey? 

  • Have you built trust?

  • Have you demonstrated the unique value of your products?

There are two possible scenarios here. One where the customer journey is not taken into consideration, and one where the customer journey is mapped out every step of the way.

Let’s start with scenario one: you’ve never heard of a brand selling national park coffee mugs, but a well designed opt-in form highlighting a limited edition product release catches your eye and you purchase the mug immediately for $15.99. Five days after your purchase, you receive an email recommending products you might like. 

Pause. This is not an optimal time to send any type of product recommendation.

Think about it, you might not have even received the product yet. You haven’t developed an emotional connection with the brand or with the mug. Those product recommendations might be great, but they came at the wrong time and timing is everything!

Scenario two: after your purchase you receive a series of thoughtful follow-up emails showing gratitude, and highlighting the fact that the brand donates 5% of all sales to national park conservation efforts. They even send you a delicious recipe to cook brownies to go in your new mug (scoring some major brownie points with you). You haven’t purchased another item for a while but have come to love the brand. 90 days after your purchase, you receive an email that asks where you’ve been and includes some really relevant and well-targeted product recommendations. Are you likely to buy?

Our experience in ecommerce and as consumers tells us… YES! This is a fantastic way to encourage repeat purchase behavior with customers who have had a chance to fully align themselves with your brand. They are much more likely to become a loyal customer and advocate for your brand. Product recommendations will land really well with your most loyal customers. 

Install the Recommended Products Workflow

So, ready to give it a try? Our Recommended Products Workflow is simple to install, and ready to activate with a few easy clicks. Select your store below to add the pre-made Workflow to your Drip account. All you need to do is customize the email to match your brand and activate the Workflow. 

Woohoo! You’re now sending an incredibly relevant and personalized email to customers at a critical phase in their customer journey. With Drip’s Recommended Products feature, you’ll turn those one-time customers into repeat purchasers who will champion your brand in no time. 

Thanks for poking around! For more strategic and technical recommendations be sure to check out our blog week, we’ll be consuming lots of coffee and Tiger King until then.