8 Ways To Grow Your SMS List

Psst… did you hear? Brands everywhere are investing in SMS Marketing, the most effective channel to build intimate, personal, and long-lasting relationships with your customers. 

Ready to take the leap and become a text-message marketer? Keep reading for the top eight tactics that will help you build an engaged, excited SMS list quickly and compliantly.

What’s Compliance Got To Do With It?

If you want to go from zero to SMS hero, you need to start by asking. Think you can just dust off that pile of customer phone numbers you’ve acquired over the years? What about that list of phone numbers you purchased?  Not so fast. In fact, full-stop. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200

The TCPA requires express prior written consent in order to send SMS communications, and the fines are hefty if you don’t comply. When you use Drip SMS campaigns, we’ve got you covered at every turn. Read more about the built-in safeguards to help maintain SMS Compliance with Drip.

Plus, when you send unwanted texts, you risk losing potential customers… forever. How would you feel if someone you didn’t know started texting you? 

Now that you know the ground rules, it's time to start collecting your customers' digits with Drip SMS. You’ll be well on your way to a highly engaging and effective SMS program in no time, we promise! 


Update your popups

First up, work with what you have. Already capturing email addresses in your popup forms? Great! Update your forms to include an SMS phone number field and watch the numbers start rolling in.

Include language that clearly communicates your SMS terms. When you collect SMS numbers in Drip forms, we automatically generate consent language that will include links to your terms of service and privacy policy.

Embedded forms, too!

Your embedded forms should also include a phone number capture as well. This example from Drip customer, Baltic Born, creates consistency with an embedded form that mirrors their popup - a smart move that establishes trust and credibility.


Invite your email subscribers

Your email subscribers have already expressed that they want to hear from you, so give them another way to keep in touch and be the first to know your deals, updates, and product launches by signing up for text messages.

Send this invite as a dedicated email campaign to your existing subscriber list, and at it to your automations like your Welcome Workflow for new subscribers.

Compelling talking points like early access to new products, sales, or exclusive discounts get folks interested. A one-time discount is a helpful carrot, too! 

Pro tip: “SMS” is marketing lingo that helps clarify from a technical sense, but marketing in this channel is all about being conversational. So, when talking about SMS with your customers, use the language that is familiar: text messages. That is a friendlier, more familiar way to speak and will help you seem that way to your r customers  will help you sound friendly and warm 

Source: Milled

Need more design inspo? The folks at Mailcharts put together an amazing collection of email examples promoting SMS sign-ups that is sure to give you some fresh ideas.


Capture SMS consent at checkout

SMS holds a big place in the future of ecommerce marketing, and your shopping platform knows it, too! Shopify recently enabled SMS consent at checkout for all stores (not just Plus). With over 60% of marketing consent being captured at checkout, this is one of the easiest ways to capture subscribers compliantly. 

Even if you aren’t on Shopify, your host might still have this option. Find out and then activate, pronto. Collecting phone numbers from your active customers is top priority - they want to hear from you the most!

SMS Opt-in landing pages

Put some extra juice behind your list growth efforts by creating a dedicated landing page and form to capture SMS consent. This will allow you to drive potential subscribers to the page from social, email, and other sources and make it extra easy to sign up once they get there.

Landing page with a blue background and field for a phone number. White text reads: enter ur digits below to sign up for txt alerts. CTA is sign up.

Source: Ugly Drinks

Share it on social

That landing page we talked about? Add it to your bio on social platforms like Instagram, include it in your LinkTree, promote it via Facebook lead ads, or share it on TikTok to make sure your loyal social followers have a chance to sign up for texts.

Ugly Drinks makes it easy for their followers to sign up for texts via their LinkTree!

Pro tip: If you have more than 10,000 followers on Instagram, you can use the link sticker feature and promote your SMS program in your stories.

Referral programs

If you have a referral program in place, consider promoting it via SMS and reward subscribers for referring their friends. (And if you don’t, start a loyalty program next!). 

Aisle powers their cash-back grocery rewards program via SMS, and just rolled out a referral program to their top users. This is a great way to turn your existing VIP’s into ambassadors, and give them a big thank you for it in return.


Keep ‘em engaged

Gif of Jimmy Fallon saying

GIF via Giphy.

“New number, who’s this?” 

Don’t risk having your texts left on read because subscribers forgot who you were. Roll out the red carpet and give new subscribers a proper introduction to your brand as soon as they sign up.

Welcome message. Say “hey there!” to new SMS subscribers with a personal welcome via text. 

Promote sign-up offers. If you included an incentive in your popup or form, make sure you’re meeting subscriber’s expectations and delivering the offer as quickly as possible.

Share your Contact Card. There’s nothing worse than getting texts from numbers you don’t know. Make subscribers feel like friends, not strangers, by ensuring they can save your contact info at the beginning of the relationship.

We make it easy for you to create and share your Contact Card

Texting time!

Now that you are ready to build your SMS list, learn how to implement these strategies in our Drip guide. Your customers will love the convenience and getting an inside scoop, and your business will reap the benefits. Get started now, it’s all just a text away! 

Drip SMS will help you connect with your customers at just the right time to increase conversions, brand awareness, and build relationships that lead to long-lasting loyalty. 

We’re psyched for you to try out our better-than-ever SMS, it makes savvy SMS marketing a breeze so you can build your customer loyalty and revenue, too!