The 6 Best E-Commerce Website Examples to Inspire Your Own


There are an estimated 2.14 billion digital shoppers in 2021. That’s about 27 percent of the global population.

Oberlo Online Shoppers Statistics

That’s a solid number and one that’s growing every year, which means there’s more and more opportunity for e-commerce businesses

However, e-commerce is an incredibly competitive industry, and there are more than 24 million e-commerce stores around the world, with new ones constantly popping up.

In order to thrive and stand out, you need to bring your A-game when building your e-commerce site

It needs to look great, be super functional, keep shoppers engaged, and move them seamlessly from arrival to check out. In short, it needs to pop. 

To show you what that looks like, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best e-commerce website examples so you can figure out the formula and apply those same principles to your own site. 


Table of Contents

1. Nerdwax

2. Argent

3. Chaos

4. Vintageria

5. Glob

6. State Cashmere

1. Nerdwax

Nerdwax E-Commerce Website

This brand sells “a beeswax-blend of all-natural and certified organic ingredients specially formulated to keep your glasses in place while you live your life.”

If you’ve ever dealt with the frustration of your glasses or sunglasses slipping off your face, Nerdwax will be of interest to you. 

Here’s why their e-commerce website works so well. 

First, it starts out with a simple, yet eye-catching visual of their product along with some breathtaking copywriting

Nerdwax Above the Fold

I’m personally a huge fan of alliteration, so using “Stop slippy specs and sunnies” definitely scratches that itch. 

There’s also a clear value proposition “The original glasses wax” at the top to serve as a frame of reference. 

Nerdwax Value Proposition

Within seconds of arriving on the Nerdwax website, shoppers can surmise what the brand is selling and why they should care.

As shoppers scroll down, Nerdwax succinctly unpacks their product, explaining that it’s made from all-natural ingredients, easy to apply, and works on any glasses. 

Nerdwax Product Descriptions

With minimal cognitive exertion, this gets shoppers up-to-speed and shows them the key benefits. 

Below that, there’s: 

  • More detail on the product;
  • An image of what a four-pack looks like; and
  • A well-placed “Add to Cart” button.
Nerdwax Product Page

That’s followed by some killer social proof, including media outlets Nerdwax has been featured in like Shark Tank, BuzzFeed, and Lifehacker, as well as testimonials from actual customers. 

Nerdwax Social Proof

Finally, they wrap everything up with a couple of videos featuring answers to their top three FAQs and how to apply Nerdwax…

Nerdwax FAQs

…as well as other products they make. 

Nerdwax Product Recommendations

And if shoppers want to know the why behind Nerdwax, they can get the details in this video. 

When it comes to simplicity, aesthetics, and smooth navigation, this is one of the best e-commerce website examples to draw inspiration from. 

2. Argent

Argent E-Commerce Website

Argent is a women’s workwear company that’s “changing the rules with smart versatile, vibrant suits and separates that refuse to compromise on quality or personality.”

Like Nerdwax, they take a straightforward approach to their e-commerce store and make it easy for shoppers to explore their offerings. 

The above-the-fold content is instantly eye-catching and features a slider displaying three of their bestselling products.

Without having to do any scrolling whatsoever, shoppers can navigate their way to the Argent:

  • Shop
  • Starter kit
  • Style guide
  • Styling appointment
  • About page
Argent Homepage

So, with just a glance, shoppers understand the types of products Argent is selling and can quickly get their bearings. 

Below that, there’s this section where shoppers can learn more about the brand by clicking on this link. 

Argent About Page

Doing so takes them to the About page where Argent concisely lays out its value proposition… 

Argent Value Proposition

 …and lets shoppers know about its goals and mission.

Argent Company Description

A little further down the homepage, Argent showcases some of their top products.

Argent Bestsellers

They then feature this section that lets shoppers know about their commitment-free Starter Kit.

Argent Pay Later Option

This is a prime example of providing e-commerce shoppers with the information they need, using brilliant aesthetics and sharp copywriting, without cluttering the site with extraneous details. 

3. Chaos

Chaos E-Commerce Website

Here’s a brand that sells luxury protective phone cases and accessories—something that’s obvious to shoppers the second they land on the homepage. 

Some e-commerce stores need to provide a heavy dose of copywriting to explain what they’re offering and why it’s special.

But for Chaos, it’s better to just let the pictures do the talking, and that’s exactly what they do on this e-commerce website example.

A quick look at the above-the-fold section of the homepage conveys the essential information, and from this image, shoppers can see that Chaos sells custom phone cases with amazing aesthetics: 

Chaos Homepage

Beneath that shoppers can conveniently browse through popular products.

Chaos Popular Products

Whenever they click on a particular item, Chaos makes it super intuitive to personalize it, walking shoppers through the process step-by-step.

Say, for example, someone clicks on this phone case.

Chaos Product Example

They arrive on the product page where they’re prompted to choose their phone size…

Chaos Choose Case Size

…case color, and so on. 

Chaos Choose Color

It’s frictionless.

Also on the homepage, there’s this section where shoppers can create their own Chaos collection…

Chaos Product Collection

…and shop certain looks. 

Chaos Product Feed

So, if they were going for a spacey vibe, they would click on this look…

Chaos Product Ideas

…and get some ideas. 

Chaos Product Details

I like this e-commerce website example because of:

  • The vivid imagery the brand uses;
  • How it succinctly familiarizes shoppers with Chaos’ products;
  • The seamless navigation; and
  • How it gets shoppers’ creative juices flowing, enabling them to create their own personalized products.

It’s very interactive, and with just a few simple steps, shoppers can move through the site and complete a purchase. And it’s exactly this type of smooth experience that leads to a high conversion rate. 

4. Vintageria

Vintageria E-Commerce Website

The vintage clothing market is blowing up right now.

A brand that completely dominates in this niche is Vintageria, an Italy-based e-commerce store that specializes in “vintage clothing from the best brands, including Levi’s jeans, Adidas sportswear, Burberry trenches, jackets, and much more.”

Take one look at their website and you’ll instantly know what I’m talking about. It’s insanely original where shoppers first see this amazing pixelated throwback graphic…

Vintageria Banner

…which transitions into this stunning homepage.

Vintageria Above the Fold

It starts off with a bang, and right away, shoppers can tell they’re in for an epic experience. 

Between the old-school graphics and crystal clear value proposition, shoppers can quickly figure out what Vintageria is all about. 

Vintageria Slogan

When it comes to navigation, shoppers can get where they need to go from the drop-down menu, the search box in the top left-hand corner, or the “Shop Online” button in the middle.

Vintageria Navigation

When it comes to navigation, shoppers can get where they need to go from the drop-down menu, the search box in the top left-hand corner, or the “Shop Online” button in the middle.

Vintageria Product Listing Page

This showcases Vintageria’s products while perfectly illustrating their unique, creative style. 

Below that is a breakdown of popular product categories, including denim jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts, track jackets, and more. 

Vintageria Product Categories

And what I really love is this ridiculously awesome VHS video footage “circa 1985” showing off their products. 

Vintageria Video Footage

The intentionally lo-fi quality really hits its mark…

Vintageria the Skater

…and gets shoppers in the vintage headspace that Vintageria is going for. 

Vintageria Visuals

And if that wasn’t enough, they include this genius promotion where they give discounts to shoppers for applying their 8bit vintage animal filter to one of their Instagram stories or pictures and mentioning Vintageria.

Vintageria Instagram Filter 8bit

This is one of the most creative marketing ideas I’ve ever seen and is a great way to build a loyal following.

The last thing I want to point out from this e-commerce website example is this section at the bottom of the homepage featuring special deals, complete with Bernie Sanders sporting his own 8bit vintage animal filter. 

Vintageria Product List

If you’re looking to take an out-of-the-box approach to your e-commerce website, there’s much to learn from Vintageria. 

This is clearly a brand that “gets it” and provides the blueprint for bringing fun and playfulness to web design. 

5. Glob

Speaking of unconventional design, check out this next example from Glob, a brand that sells reusable and packable bags made from plastic waste. 

Glob E-Commerce Website

When you first land on their site, you see this image of three colorfully dressed models carrying Glob bags. 

It looks good, but there isn’t necessarily anything overly interesting about it—until you move your cursor or finger anywhere over the image. When you do that, the image distorts into a glob-like semiliquid substance:

Glob Homepage
Glob Homepage Animation

I was personally blown away when I first saw this website because I’d never experienced anything quite like it. 

There are three images in total in the slider, all of which have the same trippy effect. 

Glob Above the Fold
Glob Above the Fold Animation

This website also does a great job of showcasing Glob’s products and taking something that isn’t all that inspiring, in plastic bags, and making them super sexy. 

The simple, minimalist navigation on the top left-hand side points shoppers exactly where they need to go. 

Glob Left Sidebar

When they click on the “Shop” page, they get a full overview of Glob’s products. 

Glob Product Listing Page

Once they click on a particular item…

Glob Products

…they can see full product specs, choose the color they want, and add it to their cart. 

Glob Product Detail Page

It’s all very smooth and intuitive. 

And note how Glob explicitly mentions that they offer free domestic shipping on orders over $40. 

Glob Bottom Bar

With “9 out of 10 consumers saying free shipping is the top incentive to shop online more, and orders with free shipping averaging around 30% higher in value,” this can be a real game-changer for e-commerce brands. 

Finally, they do a great job of explaining their philosophy and mission on the “Our Cause” page. 

Glob Our Cause Page

Given how eco-friendliness is baked into their brand identity, this is critical for winning shoppers over and articulating the impact Glob is having on the planet. 

6. State Cashmere

State Cashmere E-Commerce Website

The last of my e-commerce website examples comes from State Cashmere, a company that sells “ruggedly soft cashmere right from the source with happy goats that are ethically raised.”

If you’ve ever seen the Seinfeld episode, The Red Dot, you know how luxurious and in-demand cashmere is. 

Seinfeld Who doesn't like cashmere meme

Source: Seinfeld Daily

And this brand has the cashmere game on lock. 

First, let’s look at the above-the-fold content of their homepage. Between their brand name, slogan, subheader, and a vivid product image, shoppers can ascertain what State Cashmere is selling and what distinguishes them from the competition. 

State Cashmere Homepage

And with zero scrolling, they can quickly start shopping the women’s or men’s section of the site. 

State Cashmere Homepage CTAs

Below that is a collection of products, including those just dropped and bestsellers. 

State Cashmere Product Listing Page

Then, to hammer home their value proposition further, State Cashmere includes a section imploring shoppers to “be a G.O.A.T., and not a sheep”…

State Cashmere Value Proposition

… a section explaining they use 100 percent cashmere for wild strength and softness…

State Cashmere That's F-Ed Up Campaign

….and a section on their commitment to being eco-conscious. 

State Cashmere Climate Change

At the very bottom, there’s an interactive crash course where shoppers can quickly learn the ins and outs of cashmere. 

State Cashmere Crash Course
State Cashmere Crash Course Slider

It’s a great way to educate consumers on what makes cashmere so special and points them to additional resources for further research. 

Put it all together, and State Cashmere has all of the ingredients for a winning e-commerce site: Great imagery, a clear value proposition, intuitive navigation, and a strong brand identity to capture the attention of shoppers and compel them to engage with State Cashmere, with many ultimately making a purchase. 



It’s mind-blowing how much opportunity there is right now in e-commerce.

Take a look at the direction it’s heading based on recent data from Statista

Statista E-Commerce Revenue Statistics

That said, to succeed you need to create a truly thrilling experience for shoppers and base your game plan on a proven formula. 

Above are some of the best e-commerce website examples I’ve recently seen and crystallize the techniques and strategies that get results.