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The ECRM Envisioned

Finally seeing your customers in full color.

Ecommerce companies feeling outgunned by the algorithmic personalization power of Amazon are finding themselves handcuffed. They’re stuck with choosing between ESP “solutions” that are too lightweight and only built for batch-and-blast email campaigns, or CRMs designed for enterprise-level management staff, which aren’t focused on true customer relationships.

In both cases, efficiency is trumping intimacy. You win with intimacy. Your customers shop with you, specifically, because they seek a smarter, more tailor-made hands-on experience.

For the customer, the actual “customer experience” starts way before they arrive at your site. With that in mind, marketing campaigns have to be intimate, integrated, and presented in the proper context.

That is why Drip is developing a sales and marketing automation platform designed specifically for ecommerce. We call it an ECRM—the ecommerce customer relationship management platform you need to keep customers close.

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Getting Closer to Your Customers

We’ve arrived at a time when the best of push, pull, and personalized marketing can be applied to one platform to create customer intimacy and customer experience like never before, creating more human, personal marketing communication at scale.

By connecting heaps of data to intelligent automations across your media channels, you can talk to your customers with spot-on context and timing. These deeper connections outpower Amazon which leads to happier customers and a better bottom line for your ecommerce business.

Drip's Deeper Connections
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It’s Your Digital Marketing Motherboard

Drip takes complex and disparate data inputs and organizes them into a singular synchronized and intelligent platform so all of that info is at your fingertips when it comes to talking with your customers. Drip’s ECRM uses tracking codes to collect and connect the data points from all of your owned and paid digital channels—between your order management, your CRM, and your marketing analytics. We put them in one place, then we make that data actually useful.

Explore Our Tracking Code
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It’s Built for Ecommerce KPIs

With ECRM, you can see what your customers are doing all the time—what links they’re clicking, what pages they’re visiting, what emails they’re clicking through, what products they’re yearning after. When it comes time to see which strategies are actually working, native reports and dashboards let you see more than 10 different stats, then translate everything your customer does into a single lead score that gives you a sense of how engaged a person is or how likely they are to make a purchase.

Learn About Lead Scoring
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It Delivers Personalization at Scale

MarTech and CRMs are small-data focused. ECRMs are designed for millions of records.

Drip finally realizes the promise of marketing technology: more targeted and relevant marketing at scale that delivers increased engagement, conversion, and sales. ECRM context makes sure you are meeting your customers where and when they prefer to get their news.

Facebook Custom Audiences

"We have a dynamic landing page, a completely personalized email, a semi-gamified loyalty program, and I don’t know any JavaScript. That’s amazing."

It’s Your Development Team’s Welterweight Champion

When people hear the terms CRM or ESP, flashes of long-term contracts, endless nights, expert dev consultants, and 6-month deployment engagements come to mind. With Drip as your ECRM, sending and maintenance are easy thanks to first-class customer support and a variety of implementation services. Drip was built so that it could be used by mortals, like you.

Bite Squad Builds on Our API

What’s Old Is New Again. Email Addresses Are Marketing Gold.

Long story short, if your customer record includes an email address, you can gather and harmonize crucial data from all of your integrations, enabling you to make smart automations happen. By leveraging each email address, gathering and harmonizing crucial data from all of your integrations, and enabling you to make smart automations happen, Drip gives you the power to communicate with your customers with meticulous, personalized context and timing.

The future of marketing automation for ecommerce is now. And its name is Drip.