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Drip is dansk's 5th largest revenue attributor

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Easy-to-use interface, top-notch customer support and results that speak for themselves: why Dansk recommends Drip to anyone looking for a powerful emailmarketing platform

Meet Dansk: A one-of-a-kind concept

For 16 years, the ecommerce store dansk.dk (formerly: danskoutlet.dk) has supplied Danish families with clothes and outdoor equipment. In fact, there is no other concept in Denmark focusing on clothing for all family members–moms, dads, and children in sizes up to 8XL.
In addition to online store, dansk also currently has 36 physical stores with another 5 on the way in 2024.

Key figures

  • +48.000 followers on Facebook 
  • +13.000 followers on Instagram
  • 25.000 active customer club members
  • 40 physical stores at the end of 2024


In January 2024 the organisation changed its name Dansk Outlet–which they've been called since 2015– to dansk. With the new name, new brand identity, and new online store in place it's time to kick the business into high gear. 

Meet the Drip super user

Emma Schrøder is the Brand and Marketing Coordinator at Sindico E-commerce which is the organisation that runs dansk.dk. She has been with the company since 2018 and is the primary Drip user. She has 6 colleagues in the ecommerce department along with 6 other colleagues in marketing who also uses Drip. It's never been a problem to have that amount of people using Drip in a coherent way: 

"Drip is just very user-friendly and it's easy to introduce others to it. I've recently been onboarding a colleague and it only took two weeks. It was super easy", Emma says. 

Cost, support, and good UX made switching to Drip an easy decision 

When it was time for dansk to reconsider their current email marketing solution, it was Anders Vendelbo Christensen's call to switch over to Drip. 

"The price was important to us, but the user-friendliness for all of our users was just as essential. It has to be easy to use in a consistent way across all departments and physical stores. I also needed something stable, not just some beta product. And I really wanted Danish support and Danish onboarding. We didn't want to feel left to our own devices with setting everything up alone," Anders says. 

That never happened. When it was time to move over to Drip, both Anders and Emma felt well supported throughout the whole process. 

"Morten (the salesperson) has been really good. There's nothing worse than agreeing on something with a salesperson but then when it's back to everyday life you suddenly find yourself completely alone with limited and distant support options. Drip definitely delivered on what was promised."

Although it can seem like a daunting task to change email marketing platform, there were no issues what so ever when dansk started sending emails from Drip from one day to the other. 

"Our transition was smooth. It was very much switch on/off. We turned off the old system and started sending emails from Drip at the same time. There were no problems" Anders says. 



Drip-attributed revenue



Customer club members collected via Onsite



Open rate

on workflows



Click-through rate

on workflows


“Drip is visually pleasing and intuitive. It's easy to map data to segments, build customer journeys, and integrate with other systems. It's even easy to test the emails, which I love”

Emma Schrøder

Brand & Marketing Coordinator, dansk

Dansk sends +3 weekly newsletters from 36 local stores with ease

“First of all, I like the design and UX. Workflows can be insanely complicated to work with, but with Drip it all just makes sense”

Dansk primarily sends newsletters from the many local stores more than 3 times a week. It's crucial for the stores' turnover that their offers and campaigns are promoted to the over 25.000 active members of their customer club.

"We're working on sending personalized content from the stores as well, but it's a slightly longer process to get it integrated into their marketing flow"

Pre-designed elements makes building beautiful and true-to-brand emails easy breezy for everyone

To make life as easy as possible for everyone using Drip to send out emails as well as ensuring a cohesive brand identity, Emma Schrøder has set up pre-designed elements such as headers and footers. Fonts, colors and full email sections are all saved as fixed elements that can be used again and again and... 

In addition to the weekly newsletters, Emma has currently set up 2 active workflows: an abandoned cart flow and a price drop flow.

"It's not until we moved over to Drip we've been able to really get started working with workflows"

Anders and Emma plan to set up more workflows in the near future, now the transition from Dansk Outlet to dansk is complete. 

The results? 20% of dansk's revenue is attributed to Drip.

And that number will continue to grow as they set up more email workflows.


“We would definitely recommend others to switch to Drip. There are good, honest people behind it and the system just works really well. It's a good choice for both small and larger business, whether you have experience with email marketing or not as it is so intuitive and the support is excellent.

Anders Vendelbo Christensen & Emma Schrøder

Ecommerce Manager & Brand and Marketing Coordinator dansk

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