10 Ecommerce Birthday Emails Worth Celebrating

Remember childhood birthday parties? You would get a cake, blow out the candles, and awkwardly smile while everyone sang you happy birthday. Best of all, the birthday gifts. Ah, the good ol’ days. 

When you’re an adult, nobody gives you birthday gifts. If you’re lucky, you still get a card from your Grandma (thanks, Grandma!). While it’s hard to spark as much joy as 6-year old you felt over that pile of birthday cards and presents—ecommerce merchants can and should spark joy for their customers on their special day.   

Birthday emails are one of the most effective emails that you can send. Experian found that birthday emails have a 481% higher transaction rate than promotional emails. To put the icing on the cake, they generate 342% more revenue and 179% higher unique click rates than regular promotional emails. 

Here are 10 ecommerce birthday emails worth celebrating, so you can spread some joy on your customer’s birthday this year. 

Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices half-birthday email.

Source: Really Good Emails

Outdoor Voices is well known for its consumer-friendly emails, but this one takes the cake. This email is personal; they use what they know about you to add value. Attention-grabbing; on top of the unique half-birthday celebration, we love a good gif. And most importantly, celebrates the customer—it’s about you! Not us!  

Outdoor Voices birthday capture form.

They collect your birthday via a form in their website footer, promising special deals, early access to product launches, and a special birthday gift. Making the incentive super clear is a must when asking for information. 

Olive and Piper

Olive and Piper happy birthday email.

Happy birthday to youuu. 🎶 

Olive and Piper strike exactly the right tone with this ecommerce birthday email. They get right to the point with minimal copy and make you feel appreciated with a special gift. 


Tarte Cosmetics

Tarte Cosmetics tell us your birthday to get a special gift email.

If you don’t already collect your customer’s birthday, this email from Tarte Cosmetics shows a fun and clever way to get it. Promising a free gift appeals to people’s curiosity, and it’s a great way to see who is engaged with your brand. 



BarkBox puppy happy birthday email.

Source: Really Good Emails

This one is for all you dog pawrents out there. We love that BarkBox includes an end date to the promotion, and shows a fun way to upsell seasonal products. Who doesn’t want to spoil their pup with a birthday cake? 

BarkBox birthday capture form.

BarkBox asks a series of questions about your dog when you sign up for a subscription so they can personalize your box and emails. If you don’t already ask for information about your customers, think about some creative ways that you can get it.


Two Bostons

Two Boston birthday email.

Two Bostons gets points for the catchy headline, and not one, but two gifts on your pet’s special day. Their passion for customer service also shines through in this email. We’re all for giving the pets what they want. And what is that? Toys and treats!



Nike's happy birthday email.

Source: Really Good Emails

Nike’s approach is to celebrate your birthday month instead of just one day. We love that for such a large brand, this email feels personal and fun. They check all the boxes:

  • Celebrates the customer. 

  • Includes a time-sensitive offer. 

  • Has a clear call to action (CTA).

  • Keeps it short and sweet.


Birchbox's happy birthday email.

Birchbox is another brand that takes the birthday month approach. The recipe is pretty simple: catchy headline, clear offer and call to action, and a time-sensitive offer. When you’re celebrating your customers, more complicated doesn’t mean better. 


Mud Pie's birthday email.

Source: Pinterest 

This lifestyle brand aims to inspire all of life’s sparkling moments, and that includes birthdays. Mud Pie sends a simple and effective birthday message: buy yourself something nice with 20% off. 


Sephora Beauty Insider birthday email.

Source: Pinterest

Sephora’s Beauty Insider program is much loved by their customers (am I right, insiders?), and this early birthday email is sure to stand out in your inbox. Offering a set as a free birthday gift delights and introduces their customers to a new product line. Not so sure about discounting? Learn all the dos and don’ts in our Ecommerce Discounting blog post


Puma's happy birthday email.

Source: Pinterest

We love this eye-catching birthday email from Puma. It has all the right ingredients: catchy headline, clear call to action, and a time-sensitive offer. Bonus points for the colorful graphic.