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Survicate is a survey software and customer research tool that helps you get into your customer’s mindset. The Drip + Survicate integration allows you to distribute surveys among your subscribers and send answers back to Drip.

Using the integration, you can segment your customers based on their Net Promoter Score®, build social proof by asking Promoters for referrals, or create automated campaigns based on survey responses. Survicate offers a free plan, so what don’t you give it a try?

Key Features

  • Create brand-friendly surveys using your favourite fonts, colours and company logo.
  • Send one-click email surveys to your customers in Drip.
  • Decide on a question level whether responses should be sent to Drip or not.
  • Flow survey responses into Drip as tags, events or contact properties.
  • Capture every single response – even if a user doesn’t complete the entire survey, we’ll still send the responses they do give.
  • Create new leads in Drip based on ‘Contact Form’ survey submission.

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