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Samcart is the ecommerce solution that has proven 5x growth for thousands of its users. Having sold over $400 million in digital products, digital goods, services for its customers, SamCart’s market-tested ecommerce templates make the customer stick and convert 2X better than any other order form. Connect Drip and Samcart together to start automating Drip actions based on events you receive from Samcart.

Perform actions in Drip any time a user records a purchase or refund.

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Key Features

  • Proven ecommerce templates that convert 2x better.

  • Proven to scale users to 5x growth.

  • Send Samcart events to Drip and automate actions.

Drip and SamCart Integration Screenshot
Drip and SamCart Integration Screenshot
x A browser window showing the Drip Swag Shop

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