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Hook up Drip with your lead generation sources. LeadsBridge integrates over 240 tools and provides a top-notch support service to help marketers avoid any flow interruption and makes it easy to sync Drip with your favorite solutions.

Thanks to MeetingLeads you can sync Google Calendar and other appointment scheduler software with Drip and take the most out of your meetings.

EventLeads syncs contacts you collect from EventZilla and any other platform you use to sell and promote your events, into Drip. WebinarLeads will help you storing your Webinar attendees into Drip. To sync your online sheets with Drip you can use DocumentLeads. And much much more!

Key Features

  • All-in-one lead generation suite of tool
  • Distribute your leads from any lead gen source to multiple destinations
  • Automatically calculate your campaigns ROI pushing back to Facebook the revenue generated through Facebook Ads
  • Synchronize actual conversions with Facebook for better tracking

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