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For Amazon sellers, external traffic (such as Facebook ads) is a great way to grow their sales and rankings. There's only one problem: If sent straight to an Amazon product listing, external traffic doesn't very well. This results in wasted ad spend, and lower rankings in Amazon's search engine (Amazon penalises listings with lower conversion rates). This is where LandingCube comes in. Using LandingCube, sellers can drive external traffic to a beautiful landing page, and capture their prospects' emails in exchange for coupon codes. This works great for a number of reasons. * Sellers get more sales & and higher conversion rates on their listings. * Sellers are now able to build a email list with Drip - an important, definsible asset that most sellers lack. The results are more sales, better rankings and a more defensible business.

See how Drip makes more happen with LandingCube.

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Key Features

  • Generate beautiful Amazon product landing pages in less than 3 minutes.

  • Capture emails with our Drip integration (supports Drip tags).

  • Automatically send single-use promo codes.

  • 1-Click Facebook Pixel & Google Analytics integration.

Drip and LandingCube Integration Screenshot
Drip and LandingCube Integration Screenshot
Drip and LandingCube Integration Screenshot
x A browser window showing the Drip Swag Shop

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