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We help stores increase sales and reduce support burden with beautifully branded shoppable quizzes and AI support chatbots. Drive more revenue, boost email and SMS opt-ins, personalize your marketing with detailed buyer profile data, and slash repetitive support tickets.

Pass tags, custom fields, and permissions collected by Gobot to Drip and use them to segment your email list and trigger automations.

AI Support chatbots: Automate repetitive support, improve customer satisfaction, and slash response times by making Gobot’s AI powered support bot the front-line of your support.

Gobot can update customers as to the status of their orders, initiate returns through your returns portal, help resolve order issues, and so much more. Unaddressed questions get sent directly to your existing helpdesk via email. Handoff, as necessary, to whatever help desk or live chat you are currently using.

Shoppable Quizzes: Easily build a beautiful Shoppable Quiz and/or chatbot that chats with shoppers, remembers all of their responses, and recommends a curated set of products just for them. Learn new information about customers that you could only know by asking them directly!

Collect email and SMS opt-ins. Send personalized welcome emails based on the expressed needs and preferences of your shoppers. Use Gobot to build buyer profiles and truly personalize your marketing channels. Sync answers, actions and other buyer profile data points with Drip.

Track custom Facebook Pixel and Google Ad events for answers and product recommendations. Automatically create lookalike audiences on Facebook for important customer segments. Personalize Facebook and Instagram ads to match exactly what your shoppers are currently focused on or trying to solve.

Key Features

  • Create new leads in Drip based on chatbot and shoppable quiz opt ins.
  • Update existing Drip leads with valuable customer profile data collected by Gobot, e.g., brunette with tan skin aged 30-40 that prefers bold lipstick colors.

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