E-Junkie's copy-and-paste Buy-now, Cart, and Donate buttons allow you to easily feature and sell your goods on your website and through favorite social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Then, use PayPal and Stripe to handle all of your credit card payments. Once you get some sales, you'll be able to send that activity and automate action in Drip.

Connect Drip and E-Junkie together to start automating based on purchase events from your E-junkie account. Anytime Drip receives data from E-Junkie, it will create or update a profile and trigger any relevant automations you might have set up in your account.

Key Features

  • Sell products on your website and social media platforms.
  • Create or update data in your Drip account based on E-Junkie data.
  • Automate in Drip based on purchase events from E-Junkie.
Try with Drip

Connect Drip and E-Junkie and start automating based on purchase events.