Demio is a smart webinar platform on a simple mission. By seamlessly integrating with Drip, you can segment and personalize webinar automations and campaigns to send the right message at the right time.

From registration integrations, to saving events, you'll even be able to communicate with your audience based on who attended, who completed, who left early, or who was not able to watch the event. Finally, review all your analytics in both the Demio and Drip systems to see a full pipeline of sales, opens, and campaign metrics. That means an organic, ongoing webinar campaign that brings in leads and shoots out sales with ease. You’ll have every resource you need to keep that campaign rocking day in and day out.

Key Features

  • Send your webinar registrants directly into Drip with 3 clicks
  • Segment your attendees based on their actions with tags, campaigns, or workflows
  • Send Event Records for each step in your webinar flow
  • Save your unique join link into custom fields to enable an entire custom webinar registration process
  • Integrate Drip to Demio to send leads in your automated workflows right into upcoming webinar events
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