10 Welcome Emails That Convert

A welcome email is like a handshake. If you nail it, you make a great first impression and the relationship is off to a positive start. Miss the mark, and, well…. you might not get another shot. 

First impressions are everything. 

Your welcome email series is an opportunity to introduce yourself to potential buyers and let them know who you are, what you do, and why you do it. 

The goal of introducing yourself and kicking off the relationship to a great start isn’t just for fun... it’s to drive a first purchase! And sending a series of 2-4 emails after someone signs up to your list is one of the best ways to get it. 

Here are 10 welcome emails that convert and what we learned from them.


Without a physical storefront, and the ability to meet customers face-to-face, sending a personal note from your founder(s) is a great way to put a real human face to your brand. 

We love this welcome email from Golde, whose founders share their mission and their favorite products. It’s personal and effective. 

Golde welcome email.


If you ever doubted that you could give people a sense of your brand through email, this welcome email from Omsom is here to reassure you that it’s 100% doable. 

From the design to the subject line + body copy, everything about this email is true to Omsoms brand. This welcome email introduces you to the brand, the founders, and their story in a loud and fiery way that works. 

Omsom welcome email.


Sienna Studios

Another effective way to welcome people to your email list: with a promo code or discount. Sienna Studios started capturing people’s email addresses on their website before launch day, and they added a little extra incentive with a 15% code. 

We also love the user-generated content plug to be featured on their Instagram story. The more UGC you can get, the better. 

Sienna Studios welcome email.


Click and Grow

Speaking of user-generated content, fostering a sense of community by including customer reviews in your welcome email series is a fun and creative way to welcome people to your brand. 

Click and Grow includes images of real customers with their product, a link to their Facebook Community, and 5-star reviews in this welcome email. Two great ways to include social proof in a welcome email series. 

Click and Grow welcome email.

Kulfi Beauty

Another heartfelt note from the founder, we love this welcome email from Kulfi Beauty. It’s simple, effective, and branded. You walk away with an understanding of the brand’s mission, why, and value proposition. As far as first impressions go, this one is a 10/10. 

Kulfi Beauty welcome email.

Girlfriend Collective


If you want to start out simple and straightforward with an offer, then by all means do your thing. Discounts can be a highly effective sales tactic.

We love the simple and product-centered design of this welcome email from active-wear company Girlfriend. Sometimes people just need that extra push to make their first purchase! 

Girlfriend Collective welcome email.

Made In

This welcome email from Made In does one important thing that all welcome email series should do: set expectations and tell people what they can expect from you. 

Address questions such as:

  • What are the perks or benefits of subscribing to your list?

  • How many emails per week can people expect to receive from you?

  • What types of content do you send? 

Setting expectations at the outset of the relationship builds trust and credibility. 

Made In welcome email.

Source: Really Good Emails

Outdoor Voices

We love this community-centered approach from Outdoor Voices. Instead of simply welcoming people to the brand, they welcome you to their community. Including user-generated content adds to the sense that you’re not just joining an email list, you’re part of a community now. 

Outdoor Voices welcome email.


Material Kitchen

Another "note from the founders" welcome email approach is this email from Material Kitchen. We love that it’s short, sweet, and includes beautiful product photos with links back to their website. Drive those click-through rates! 

Material Kitchen welcome email.

Besame Cosmetics

Last up (but not least) we love the way that Besame Cosmetics frames the welcome discount code. A simple “thanks for signing up” goes a long way here. 

Are you ready to create a kick-ass welcome campaign? We’ve created a guide to welcome campaigns so you know exactly what to include in your emails, mistakes to avoid, and templates to help you implement a welcome campaign in minutes. 

Besame Cosmetics welcome email.

Are you ready to create a kick-ass welcome campaign? We’ve created a guide to welcome campaigns so you know exactly what to include in your emails, mistakes to avoid, and templates to help you implement a welcome campaign in minutes.