Introducing: Automated Ads with Drip’s Facebook Custom Audiences Integration

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You work hard to make your Facebook ads great. Now with Drip’s new Facebook Custom Audiences integration, they can be even greater.

If you’ve ever placed a social media ad, you know how powerful Facebook Custom Audiences are. For those unindoctrinated, Custom Audiences are advertising groups in Facebook, made up of people with similar attributes you choose.

Automate Your Ads with Drip and Facebook Custom Audiences

Even if you’ve never used Facebook Custom Audiences in your own advertising, you’re certainly familiar with them. We’ve all been hopping around the internet, added an item of clothing to an online shopping cart, and for whatever reason, didn’t buy it. The next day, we scroll our Facebook newsfeed, and see an ad with a coupon for that very same clothing item.

Every time that happens—you’ve been retargeted, and you’re probably resting comfortably inside that brand’s Facebook Custom Audience.

Drip’s newest integration with Facebook Custom Audiences lets you do this very same thing with your own customers.

You can start, stop, or change the Facebook ads your customers see, based on any actions they take, that you can track in Drip. Best of all, you can automate the entire process, all from inside any of your Drip workflows—including creating new Facebook Custom Audiences without ever leaving Drip.

Watch this quick video to learn a little more about how Drip and Facebook Custom Audiences work together for the very first time.

These retargeting techniques are so popular, and so valuable, because of how well they work. Studies estimate that nearly 70% of all shopping carts created online go abandoned. But the good news is, retargeting tactics can bring back 29% of those shoppers.

With Drip’s newest integration, not only can you take advantage of intelligent advertising that recaptures revenue for your business—you can do it automatically. That makes your ads smarter and more personal, saving you time, and driving more sales.

If you’re ready to set up Drip and Facebook Custom Audiences right now, click here to read the short instructions. We’ll walk you through the fast integration process, and give you a few extra tips, like creating your Custom Audiences in Facebook before you start automating them in Drip.

And lastly, to make it even easier for you to start creating smarter ads and driving more sales, we’ve included some of our very own shareable Drip workflows, that highlight our new integration with Facebook Custom Audiences.

Click to import these into your existing Drip account, link your Custom Audiences at the recommended steps, make the tweaks you need, and start automating your advertising today.


Shopify & Drip – Automated Advertising Workflow

One of the most valuable elements of automating ads in your workflows, is that you can message-match with the email campaigns that you’re sending at the same time as new subscribers are seeing your ads. In this example workflow, we pair Shopify with Drip and Facebook Custom Audiences, and show how you can send marketing email campaigns based on actions new subscribers take, along with automating the ads they see at the same time.

Retarget visitors who add something to their cart in Shopify, but don’t end up making a purchase. Add those people to a Facebook Custom Audience that prompts an initial purchase. Once they become customers, you can upsell them with both a coupon email and a matching coupon ad to drive a second purchase from your initial purchasers.

This workflow is an invaluable addition to your marketing efforts, and can drive incredible results for anyone selling online. Remember too, if you’re not using Shopify, this same workflow can be quickly adjust to match whatever ecommerce provider you use. Import it today, and get started with automated ads.


Stripe & Drip – Facebook Custom Audiences

Don’t let the simplicity of this workflow make you think it’s not powerful. It’s a perfect journey to drive first-time and upsell purchases from new leads on your website. As you can see, this workflow is designed to take new leads that come in from a form submission, and add them to a Facebook Custom Audience that promotes a purchase.

Once that purchase is made, and a customer is created in Stripe, Drip automatically removes that contact from your Facebook Custom Audience, and adds them to a new one, highlighting an upsell opportunity.

Automate your retargeting with Drip, Stripe, and Facebook Custom Audiences, in just a matter of clicks. Import this workflow right now to get started.

With Drip’s newest Facebook integration, you’ll automatically deliver a consistent marketing message, drive more sales, and save money while you do it, with more hyper-targeted advertising than you ever thought possible.

Get started today. Let Drip be your nerd (so you can make more money).

Automate Your Ads with Drip and Facebook Custom Audiences
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    • Drip’s newest integration with Facebook Custom Audiences lets you do this very same thing with your own customers.

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    • Retarget visitors who add something to their cart in Shopify, but don’t end up making a purchase.

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    How would this help an agency doing Facebook ads when the email list used for building custom audience (look-alike audience) is managed by an email service other than Drip?

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