Release Notes

See all of the latest product updates from Drip. Learn about new products, features, enhancements, and bug fixes.

May Release Notes

We're back with another set of release notes, and this time, it's all about improvements and bug fixes.


  • The Best Customer Analysis (BCA) report lives on the People Page under the Analysis tab for users with connected stores.
  • You can now track clicks on Onsite campaigns using one of the product recommendations elements. When a visitor clicks a button or product image in your campaigns containing Shopify, Clerk, Hello Retail, or Raptor, their action will count as a "Submission" in campaign statistics. Note: This does not apply to campaigns that collect email addresses.
  • Improved the top bar design on most pages in the app to create more consistency and better spacing.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where button sizes in emails did not match the email builder.
  • Improved Drip functionality in Safari.
  • Resolved image URL errors from hyphenated SKUs with the Magento integration.
  • Fixed an issue preventing available tags from appearing when creating a webhook.
  • Removed a shortcut in the Onsite builder that incorrectly sent users to the triggers page when creating embedded campaigns.
  • Added an error message if the postal address is missing within an email workflow node.
  • Fixed an issue preventing subject lines from saving when updating a split test.