Release Notes

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August Release Notes

August updates include back-in-stock notifications for Shopify users, an updated Single Email Campaign dashboard with more reliable and consistent metrics, Workflow builder enhancements, and more. 

Back-in-Stock Notifications for Select Default Shopify Themes


Target high-intent buyers and boost sales with back-in-stock notifications. Back-in-stock is currently available for customers using select default Shopify themes.

This strategy includes a pre-configured “A product is back in stock” trigger that’s connected to your Shopify store and tracks when out-of-stock products are back, and an Onsite campaign that’s set up to populate on all pages where a product or any of the product variants are out of stock.

New Single Email Campaign Dashboard Experience


We introduced a new dashboard to provide a more efficient, reliable, and consistent user experience in tracking the effectiveness of single email campaigns.

This update includes backend improvements for better performance and consistency across the app, as well as UI improvements. Here’s what’s new:

  • Custom Date-Range Picker: Choose specific date ranges to view single email campaign metrics.
  • Enhanced Reporting: Our new backend ensures improved speed and data consistency.
  • Expanded Metrics: We've added delivery rate, bounce rate, spam complaint rate, and order rate to the dashboard.
  • UI Components Revamp: Historical charts (Revenue, Orders, Opens, and Clicks), Open-by-Hour, and Click-by-Link data visuals to make data analysis easier and more intuitive.


  • Audited and optimized all Shopify Workflow templates. These templates inspire Shopify users to set up essential strategies, follow best practices, and are as easy to get live as possible.
  • Added a warning in the Workflow builder to inform users that deleting a Decision, Split Test, or Parallel Path results in deleting all nodes in that branch.
  • UI improvements throughout Drip to improve mobile views and eliminate text overflow.

Bug Fixes

  • Profile “notes” are now recorded in chronological order.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing users to see an error message upon returning to a recently edited Workflow.
  • The border for social icons is now saved when using the input text.
  • Fixed the error message for test emails to let users know when they reach their weekly limit.
  • Fixed an issue of trialing spaces preventing expected search functionality when creating segments.
  • Resolved an issue where failed POSTS to the batches endpoint still returned a successful “201 created” response.
  • Changed the initial start and end dates in the Email Metrics report to be in the account’s timezone rather than UTC.
  • Fixed an issue with Shopify-connected accounts where some subscribers were being created in Drip as “unsubscribed” to marketing despite being “subscribed” to marketing in Shopify.
  • Fixed an issue where accounts sending product updates via Shopper Activity API were not available in the email builder.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Email Metrics report from being filtered by a Group name with a trailing space.