Automated, personalized SMS marketing for ecommerce.

With an average open rate of 98%, no other channel can compete with SMS when it comes to engagement. Period.

Drip makes it easy for you to incorporate the power of SMS into your ecommerce marketing (the right way). With Drip SMS, you can expand your revenue streams, build VIP audiences, and promote flash sales in just a few clicks.

Illustration of two speech bubbles, one with an ellipses and one with a heart.

Reach your customers where they are, fast.

Launching your SMS strategy has never been easier. Drip’s visual builder lets you design the perfect SMS, complete with personalization and emojis.

And when you’re ready to hit send? See exactly how your SMS will look in real life through and interactive preview or test send.

Run cross-channel marketing all from one platform.

Your dreams of combining touchpoints in one cohesive workflow (with a lot less work) have been answered.

When running email and SMS on Drip, you can combine existing email segments with store data to enjoy greater efficiency in text personalization, and power your SMS strategy to the moon and back.

An illustration of an SMS workflow within Drip that sends an SMS if a person't hasn't placed an order 1 day after an email went out.
A performance report within Drip, showing various stats like ROI and Average Order Value from an SMS campaign.

Get clear performance insights and soar.

Want a complete and true picture of revenue by channel so you can keep perfecting your marketing mix? We’ve got you.

See all the metrics you need - like total revenue, revenue per person, average order value, CTR, and more - in Drip’s user-friendly SMS Dashboard.

Avoid compliance headaches before they begin.

Despite ever-changing regulations, Drip provides everything you need to ensure TCPA compliance. Your job? Rest easy knowing your SMS marketing is beautiful, on-brand, and by the books.

Are you ready to grow your sales through Drip's automated SMS and email marketing platform?