Segment everyone, personalize everything.

Let go of the batch-and-blast marketing past. Start sending hyper-personalized messages that convert.

An illustration of a circle and a triangle connecting to a square in the middle, signifying data sources feeding into an output.

Transform your marketing with dynamic segmentation.

Want to target customers who ordered a garden gnome in the last 3 months? Or browsed fishing gear? Drip’s powerful segmentation lets you dive deep into who your customers are and how they shop, and serve up dynamically personalized content that speaks to them as individuals.

Drip segments update in real time, allowing you to effectively target all your customers with flawless precision and timing.

Since The Resin Obsession started using Drip to build niche customer segments, the business has seen a 27% boost in revenue.

Boost revenue by unleashing the power of your data.

Better segmentation starts with having the right data.

Drip takes key data from your store and marketing tools, and uses it to serve your customers super-relevant content based on how they shop — from buying and browsing, to how they click across every page.

“Drip helps me refine my segmentation so I can serve people content based on what I know they're interested in. I never feel like I'm throwing spaghetti at a wall and hoping it sticks. Every time I send an email I am confident I am reaching the right people.

Sophisticated yet easy-to-apply segmentation.

Say goodbye to managing endless lists. Drip lets you see and segment your entire audience, and easily create spot-on, targeted segments with pre-built and custom segments alike.

Want to send your top buyers a different message than those who only buy once in a while? Whatever targeted campaigns you’ve got up your sleeve, Drip makes it easy to segment, automate, and personalize - fast.

Adagio Teas Chile used Drip to segment people by real-life behaviors to achieve 1,855% greater revenue per email.

Segment everyone and personalize everything with Drip.